M-Powered Services - Cancellation

How do I cancel my M-Powered Service/s?

Please complete the M-Powered cancellation form. Cancellation of M-Powered Superannuation, M-Powered Payments & M-Powered Bank Statements will take affect 5 business days after we receive your signed request. M-Powered Invoices will be cancelled 40 business days after we receive your signed to ensure any outstanding invoices are finalised. The MYOB M-Powered Service Team will notify your financial institution of the cancellation on your behalf.

M-Powered Cancellation form (PDF 125KB)

Why have I received another monthly statement after my service was cancelled?

The M-Powered Services fees are paid in arrears. You will receive your final statement at the start of the month following the cancellation of your service/s.

Who can sign the M-Powered Service cancellation request?

M-Powered Services require a business owner/principle/director to sign the cancellation request.