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M-Powered Invoices

Service that makes it easier for customers to pay you by offering BPAY®, credit card online and Postbillpay on your invoices.

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M-Powered Payments

Smart and secure service to pay your bills without writing cheques or entering details into banking software or websites.

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M-Powered Bank Statements

Easy automatic service that lets you import and view bank balances and reconcile transactions at the click of a button.

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M-Powered Superannuation

On 30th June, M-Powered Super is shutting down as it is not compliant with the new ATO SuperStream regulations for paying and reporting super electronically. Find out how to move to an MYOB compliant solution here.

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Extended Support is available to assist you with all of your M-Powered Service queries.

You can also search help.myob.com or visit the MYOB Community Forum to find answers for your software queries.