GreatSoft Service Levels

What service levels are there for GreatSoft?

MYOB has architected the hosting of GreatSoft to deliver a high availability, high performance and secure service that our clients can depend on to run their business. The hosting design is highly redundant and tolerant to problems with any one component, providing a high level of system robustness.

Whilst MYOB intends that GreatSoft will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, it is possible that some form of service interruption may occur. Interruptions could arise due to scheduled maintenance or an unexpected system issue. MYOB targets 99.5% uptime availability* (excluding scheduled maintenance) of all services.


What does scheduled maintenance mean?

From time to time, it will be necessary to undertake system maintenance to improve system performance and reliability or add new features to the GreatSoft service. In many cases, system maintenance can be performed without any service interruption to our clients, however from time to time it will be necessary to prevent users from logging into GreatSoft in order to apply these upgrades. If this is necessary, these system changes are normally performed in our routine maintenance window – Tuesdays 8:00PM -10:00 PM AEST**. The scheduled maintenance window is 2 hours in duration but we expect that the majority of upgrades will not require the full 2 hours to implement so actual downtime is likely to be much less.

Where scheduled maintenance requires system downtime, or where MYOB need to schedule maintenance outside of the standard maintenance windows, MYOB will advise clients in advance.


What can I expect in the event of any unplanned downtime?

GreatSoft has been designed for high availability and robustness, the possibility does exist for unplanned outages to occur due to unforeseen circumstances. Should this occur, MYOB will provide regular updates on the status of service restoration.


How can I find out what the current system status and uptime is?

MYOB publishes GreatSoft availability via a MYOB system monitoring page which shows all system availability. In addition to availability the page also shows details of any scheduled maintenance work or unplanned outages along with regular status updates of progress through the maintenance schedule or system restoration from an unscheduled outage.

Availability is expressed as a percentage of time GreatSoft is available in any given time period, excluding scheduled downtime as follows: Maximum uptime minutes - (minus) unplanned downtime) / (divided) maximum uptime minutes. And where Maximum uptime minutes = total minutes - scheduled downtime minutes.


*GreatSoft sandbox, upgrade and other test environments are not managed in the same way as production environments and do not include any service level targets.

**MYOB reserve the right to change this window with prior notification and scheduled maintenance windows will be notified through the MYOB System Monitoring Page