Account FAQs

Answers to questions about your account, payments and support options

Changing your details Toggle Section

I need to update my company details. How can I do this?

You may update your business or personal details by logging into my.MYOB.

Please note that only authorised account contacts are able to make changes to the company details.

Where can I view information regarding my registered MYOB products?

You may view this information by logging into my.MYOB.

Once logged in, go to the My Products menu and select My Products

You will be able to see:

  • The serial numbers associated with each of my MYOB Products
  • The version of my MYOB products

I need to change my company name or I have a new ABN, but my company name remains the same? How can I change this?

MYOB require written authorisation from the original owner or director of the company that the software is licenced to before we can make the requested changes.

Please complete the Change of Details form (PDF 278KB). We are happy to receive this paperwork via fax, or scanned email, although you may post it if preferred.

Prior to submission, kindly ensure all required supporting documentation is provided. In the case of a new ABN or company name, ASIC or your Office of Fair Trading allow you to download and print the changes that show the original company name/ABN and the new one. The process takes approximately 5 days, and you will receive a confirmation via email once it is completed.

I have sold my business, along with my MYOB software. What do I need to do?

Your MYOB software may be sold to the new owner of the business, or indeed anybody else. In any case, in order to change the details the software is licenced to, we need to have written authorisation via a Change of Details form.

Please complete the Change of Details form (PDF 278KB). We are happy to receive this paperwork via fax or scanned email.

Prior to submission, kindly ensure all required supporting documentation is provided. The process takes approximately 5 days, and you will receive a confirmation via email once it is completed.

If you have sold the software along with your business, or to someone else, it is important that this Change of Details form is filled in by yourself, as well as the new owner, prior to losing contact with them. If the documentation requested is not supplied, we will not be able to offer support to the new clients, as we will not recognise them as the new owners.

I have purchased a new business and MYOB software was already installed. What do I need to do?

If you intend to continue using the MYOB software, you will need to decide if this was included in the purchase of the business, or if the previous owner simply intended to leave the file/data.

Should the business have been purchased along with the MYOB software, then a Change of Details form (PDF 278KB) needs to filled in and submitted, and this should be done as soon as possible so we can transfer the software to your name. It is also important to do this whilst you can still contact the previous owner, as his signature is required in order to process the request.

If it is a case of the previous owner simply leaving you the file, you will need to make your own purchase of the full box of MYOB software, which you can do by contacting us on 1300 555 111.

However - because the file will have a different serial number in it to the product you have just purchased, you will also need to follow what is known as a Serial Number Removal Process.

If this is the case, please contact so we can send you out the appropriate form or you can download the Serial Number Removal form (PDF 614KB) now. Please note: we are unable to follow this process without your new product being registered first.

Payments & Refunds Toggle Section

I have paid my account twice. How can I organise a refund?

You need to contact Customer Service directly, but in order to speed the process, please include the following information:

  • Serial Number
  • Account Name
  • Payment Method (eg. Credit Card, Smartpay, BPAY, EFT)
  • Date of payment
  • Amount

Please also have this additional information available - depending upon the payment type.

Payment Type Additional Information
If Credit Card

Name on card

Last 4 digits of card number

Expiry date


Date of transaction

If BPay

Reference number (#)

Biller code

If SmartPay Reference number / Item code

Account number

Reference / Description

If Cheque

Cheque number



Other info: (eg: duplicated charge; missing payment)

Please contact customer service with this information on 1300 555 151 during business hours.

When double payment is visible against the account, we can organise a refund quickly. If you had originally paid via credit card, MYOB will refund to the same card. All other refunds will be via cheque.

I do not have a credit card and therefore cannot pay using a Credit Card. What are my other options?

Please contact us to provide a quote, as the details of these alternative payment options will be available on the quote. Please call MYOB Sales 1300 555 151 with your request.

I pay my MYOB Cover monthly, but need to change my credit card details. How do I do this?

Option 1: Please call the contact center on 1300 555 123

Option 2: Update via MY.MYOB with the following steps:

  • Click the folllowing link to sign in -
  • Once you have signed in click on My Account at the top and select Payment Profiles
  • Select the relevant frequency (Monthly/Annually) and click on change payment profiles

Change credit card details in MYOB

I am on a monthly billing account for Cover, but I no longer run the business and wish to stop. What do I do?

Please send your request directly to We require written authorisation from you, which includes your full contact details and serial number, and you must allow up to 14 days for this to take effect.

Remember, your initial contract for monthly billing is for a minimum of twelve months – we cannot accept requests to discontinue your subscription if you have not met this.

How do I know that my payment has been received by MYOB?

If you already have the current MYOB software program, and are just renewing your MYOB Cover, a tax invoice will be generated almost straight away, and will be sent to the email address listed on the account.

Should your order be an upgrade, or upgrade with Cover, the tax invoice will not be sent to your email until the goods are ready to ship. Normally this only takes a day or two.

Please allow 7-10 days to receive your goods once an order has been placed.

Where can I view MYOB’s refund policy?

To view MYOB’s refund policy, please contact us on 1300 555 151 during business hours.

Replacement CDs Toggle Section

I did not receive my software upgrade CD. How do I get it?

Please log in to to confirm your details, including your shipping address, as this is where we send the CD.

If the wrong address is on file, please take a moment to update them, then email your request to ensuring you provide your myob serial number and other contact details, advising us of the problem.

I have lost my CD and need to reinstall MYOB. Can I purchase a replacement?

Replacement CD’s for MYOB software are available for purchase at a cost of $20.00.

For sunsetted versions (those older than 3yrs) you will need to contact us first, as they may no longer be in stock, in which case we will not be able to help. If we no longer have the early version you are licenced for, but we can locate you on our database, we will still be able to offer an upgrade purchase to the current version.

You may either email us your request at or call 1300 555 111 during business hours. The fastest way to pay is via credit card.  Shipping is via Express Post, so normally takes only a day or two to be received.

Software Support Toggle Section

I need assistance with installing my MYOB software or help using the program. Do I have to pay for technical support?

An accountant or consultant can create a company file on your behalf and provide it to you. However the accountant or consultant must not activate the company file using their serial number. File activation can be performed up to 90 days from the date the file was created, so there is plenty of time for them to provide you with the file to activate yourself.

What will I receive with my Cover subscription?

MYOB Cover is a comprehensive support subscription that gives you the software, support and services to keep your business operating efficiently and profitably.

MYOB Cover keeps your business up to date by ensuring you are on the latest version of your MYOB software and benefit from the resources and experience of the MYOB Technical Support team. An MYOB Cover membership starts from as little as $27.08* per month and is tax-deductible for many businesses — check with your tax advisor for details.

MYOB Cover - Features & benefits

  • PAYG withholding tax table updates (ATO compliance updates)
  • Receive MYOB software upgrades automatically – ensures you are always current
  • Extended hours access to MYOB Technical Support via phone, email, web and Live Chat
  • Free monthly access to M-Powered Services
  • Discounts on MYOB Classroom Training and Seminars
  • Coverage, our monthly eNewsletter containing business information and special offers
  • Up to 10% off selected Dell hardware
  • Up to 20% off MYOB Business web hosting – Get your business online
  • 10% off Business stationery from Forms Express
  • Recover accounts easily with D&B revenue protection services
  • 10% discount of Training with MYOB (includes classroom training and seminars).

Can I purchase additional user licenses for my AccountRight Premier program? If so, how much does it cost and how do I go about it?

MYOB Cover is now a legacy product and is no longer available.