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What do we support?

The Specialist Support Team provides tailored support and assistance for MYOB Practice Solutions products covering Tax, Client Accounting, Practice Manager, Banklink, Corporate Compliance and Document Manager. 


Who do we support?

Our Specialist Support Team chat service is designed to give your senior Technical or in-house MYOB Product Champion team member access to our Specialists!  For this reason, LiveChat is only available to authorised contacts. 

Get your Client ID ready!  TIP:  Use the Client ID of the site which is experiencing the issue. 

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Don’t worry!

Give our support team a call on 1300 555 666 or log a web job via

Get the most out of it!

Clearly identify the issue

We will endevour to get you an answer, and get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

To make that possible, we often need to ask a lot of questions.

The more prepared you are for these questions, the quicker we can get you a resolution!

We've listed some of the common questions below.

A load of resources to help you out

Have you checked out our online help?

Had a browse through our community forum

We've got a bunch of great resources in addition to our Specialist Support Team and our General Support teams.

It's time to question

Common questions we might ask

If you're getting an error message, what is the exact error message you're receiving? 

Does the issue occur for each user? On every workstation? 

Does the problem occur on the server as well? 

When did the problem start? 

Do you get the error every time? 

What steps do you take to get the issue/error?

Something specific

Every Return/ Ledger or only one? 

Other handy information

Issues with lodgment? We will likely need some of the following info too:

- Tax File Number/ IRD Number

- Date of lodgment

- Validation message(s) from the ATO/IRD

- Are other online transactions with ATO/IRD working fine?