Small business loans made easy with MYOB OnDeck

Applying is easy, funding is fast and the terms are flexible.

MYOB and OnDeck have partnered to solve a major issue facing Australian small businesses- the ability to access finance quickly and easily.

We're taking the stress and hassle out of funding, so we can help businesses harness the opportunity to grow and expand.

OnDeck was founded in 2007 and since then has successfully delivered more than $5 billion to small businesses across the USA, Canada and Australia. MYOB has established a strategic partnership with OnDeck Australia.


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"We have closely followed OnDeck's success in the U.S. and are excited to bring their financing solutions not only to our customers but to the entire small business market in Australia."

Tim Reed, CEO, MYOB

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A new kind of business loan

  • Fast and simple. Receive your funding in as fast as one business day
  • Transparent terms and conditions
  • Convenient fixed weekly or daily payments
  • Funding based on the health of your business - not just your personal credit score
  • Pre-qualification for MYOB customers*

If you need working capital today, or want to be prepared for what may happen tomorrow, there is no reason to wait.

* MYOB may invite some customers to apply for credit, not a guaranteed offer. Loans are subject to lender approval. Pre-qualification is based on your business profile, which includes time in business, estimated annual revenue and industry.

MYOB holds a 30% stake in OnDeck Australia and has a referral agreement under which it earns a commission on loans referred to OnDeck Australia.

"OnDeck provides a solution for one of the key challenges facing small business at the moment - the ability to access working capital quickly and easily.""

Cameron Poolman, CEO, OnDeck Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

OnDeck is a direct lender of business loans (also called “working capital” loans) to the small business market. OnDeck is not a “peer to peer” lender or crowd funder and does not lend to consumers.

OnDeck Capital Australia Pty Ltd (“OnDeck Australia”) is a subsidiary of US-based OnDeck Capital, Inc. MYOB holds a 30% stake in OnDeck Australia and earns a commissions on loans referred to OnDeck Australia.

OnDeck provides businesses with loans of up to $150,000.

Working capital designed for inventory, marketing, equipment, cash flow, or any other opportunity for your business to generate a positive return.

Rates: OnDeck offers a range of interest rates, which are determined based on your business credit score. The interest rate for your loan could be commensurate with bank lending, or as high as a business credit card, depending on your credit rating.

Fees: OnDeck charges a standard 2.5% origination fee for its lending. There is no application fee.

You’ve been pre-qualified by MYOB, based on criteria that OnDeck has provided. MYOB has not shared any of your personal or business information with OnDeck.

All that’s required is a simple online application and 3 months of bank statements – or you can apply over the phone.

Approval will be based on the health of your business cash-flow, as well as your personal credit score 

OnDeck offers loan terms of between six months and two years, depending on your business needs and qualifications.

Loans are repaid automatically through a fixed weekly or daily debit to your business account. 

Once approved, you could receive funding as soon as the next business day. 

MYOB has not shared any of your personal or business information with OnDeck. OnDeck has provided MYOB with its lending criteria to enable MYOB to internally determine your loan pre-qualification.