M-Powered Payments

Take care of your bills in seconds


Keep your cash flowing

M-Powered Payments’ handy scheduling function means you’ll always have control over your cash flow.


Remittance advice, sorted

M-Powered Payments lets you send remittance advice by email with each payment you make.

Safe and secure

With M-Powered Payments, you’ll always have total control. All payments must be authorised by you (or a nominated colleague) before we process them – and they’re distributed in line with a rigorous security protocol.

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The following fees (inclusive of GST) apply to M-Powered Services

M-Powered Services access fee*  
MYOB Cover and AccountRight subscribers Waived
Non MYOB Cover and AccountRight subscribers $20.00 per month
M-Powered Payments**  
Electronic Payment Fee*** $0.30 per transaction
Remittance Advice Fee - Email Free of charge

* For clients who have a current MYOB Cover membership or AccountRight subscription the access fee is waived.<br> Please note the Access Fee is applicable to customers using a third party approved partner product.

** Refer to your financial institution for details of any fees that they may charge in relation to your use of this service, including the establishment of a Transaction Negotiation Authority (if necessary).

*** This fee is charged for each individual electronic payment made to an employee’s or a supplier’s bank account plus the debit to your bank account from which the payment is being made. 

"M-Powered Payments is a solution that has eliminated a number of time-consuming steps in the payment process"

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How do I buy?

There are two easy ways to apply.  All you need is your serial number.

Any information entered is protected by 128 bit SLL encryption technology and by our privacy policy.