M-Powered Invoices

Make it easier than ever for your customers to pay


Customer-friendly payments

Offer BPAY, credit card online and Postbillbay on all your invoices.


Cut admin and paperwork

Look instantly more professional - and greatly increase your chances of getting paid on time.


Reconciliation made easy

M-Powered Invoices tells you when an invoice has been paid for how much, and the method by which it was paid.

Faster access to cash

If you’re paid during business hours, funds are deposited directly into your account the next day as cleared. M-Powered Invoices streamline the way you receive payments and give you faster access to your own money.

BPAY details and the Australia Post barcode are automatically printed. Your invoices will look the same as those from other large service and utility providers.

View compatibility with MYOB software



The following fees (inclusive of GST) apply to M-Powered Services

M-Powered Services access fee  
MYOB Cover and AccountRight subscribers Waived
Non MYOB Cover and AccountRight subscribers $20.00 per month
M-Powered Invoices Customer Payment fee (Volume discounts may apply)
BPAY $2.50 per payment
Credit Card $2.00 per payment
Postbillpay $3.50 per payment
Credit Card refund fee $8.50 per refund

"The payment details of 30 invoices can be imported in just ten minutes. In the past, this same number of invoices would take approximately 1.5 hours to process."

Blackburn North Baptist Preschool, VIC

How do I buy?

There are two easy ways to apply.  All you need is your serial number.

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