M-Powered Bank Statements Frequently Asked Questions

Which bank do I need to have an account with in order to use M-Powered Bank Statements?

Transaction accounts with the following banks all support M-Powered Bank Statements :

  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Westpac Bank
  • ANZ

What if I have a relationship with a bank other than the Commonwealth Bank, Westpac or ANZ?

At MYOB we are committed to making this service available to all MYOB customers irrespective of the financial institution that you bank with. We are currently endeavouring to engage all of the major Australian financial institutions to make this service available to our customers.

If you're not with one of these institutions, please complete our expression of interest form to register your interest in having this service work with another preferred institution.

How do I apply for M-Powered Bank Statements?

You can apply online or call our M-Powered Services Support Team on 1300 555 931 for assistance with your application.

What happens once I have submitted an application?

When your application to use MYOB M-Powered Bank Statements is accepted, you'll be provided with a Welcome Kit with all you need to get up and running.

In addition, if you're subscribed to a current MYOB support plan, you can access MYOB Technical Support via phone, fax or email. You will also have access to the dedicated MYOB M-Powered Services support team.

How will I be charged for using MYOB M-Powered Bank Statements?

At the beginning of each month, MYOB will debit your nominated MYOB M-Powered Services fees account for the fees payable for the previous calendar month. MYOB will also send you a monthly statement providing a breakdown of the fees that have been charged.

Which MYOB software do I need to have to be able to use M-Powered bank statements?

MYOB M-Powered BankStatements is compatible with the following products:

When will I receive my bank statement information?

Bank statement information for your nominated bank accounts will be made available on a daily basis. Bank statement information for the previous business day will usually be available for downloading by 9.00am (AEST) the next day.