MYOB BankFeeds™ Quality Guarantee - terms and conditions

In these Terms and Conditions:

‘MYOB BankFeeds™ Quality Guarantee’ is the guarantee offered to you under these Terms and Conditions.

‘Claim Month’ has the meaning given under the heading ‘TIMING OF CLAIMS’

‘Impacted Account’ means any bank account that is receiving bank feeds in your Product that has any of the Quality issues given under the heading ‘WHAT IS “QUALITY” FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE MYOB BANKFEEDS™ QUALITY GUARANTEE?’.

‘Impacted Period’ has the meaning given under the heading ‘TIMING OF CLAIMS’

‘Product’ means any of the following MYOB Subscription products: (1) MYOB Essentials; (2) AccountRight Basics; (3) AccountRight Standard; (4) AccountRight Plus; (5) AccountRight Premier; (6) MYOB BankLink Practice; or (7) BankLink Books (Offsite) Secure. For the avoidance of doubt, only these stated products are eligible for the MYOB BankFeeds™ Quality Guarantee, even if other MYOB products receive (either directly or indirectly), are impacted by or are in any way reliant upon, MYOB BankFeeds™.

‘Subscription’ in respect to MYOB BankLink Practice and BankLink Books (Offsite) Secure means the total costs of your Monthly Account Charge PLUS the total value of Transaction Charge(s) for the Impacted Account. No other charges will be included in the repayment.

‘we, us, our’ means:

  • if the Product is purchased in Australia - MYOB Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 13 086 760 198) of Level 3, 168 Cremorne St, Cremorne VIC 3121; or
  • if the Product is purchased in New Zealand – MYOB NZ Limited (NZ Company Number 902338) of c/- Level 7, 36 Brandon Street, Wellington 6011.

‘you, your, yours’ means you, if you are a resident of Australia or New Zealand and you have:

  • purchased a Product directly from us (through telephone, online, or our Partner sales channels – including bureau purchases by MYOB Partners); and
  • activated and are receiving bank feeds in a Product.

You agree that these Terms and Conditions apply to a claim for the Guarantee.


If you’re not satisfied with the quality, you can claim repayment of 30 days of your subscription, subject to these Terms and Conditions.


The guarantee is provided on the basis of a specific definition of ‘quality’, as determined by MYOB. In particular, you may only make a claim on the MYOB BankFeeds™ Quality Guarantee if banking transaction information you are provided by MYOB obtained through the Products has any of the following issues:

  • duplicate transactions resulting in balance discrepancies;
  • missing transactions; or
  • incorrect transactions which involve either incorrect values or incorrectly assigned transaction descriptions.

To help understand the scope of the MYOB BankFeeds™ Quality Guarantee, we note that the following examples would not constitute valid claims:

  • Claims based on the timeliness of a bank feed.
  • Where the narrative detail provided by a bank does not match descriptions in transaction listings available through other bank systems, such as internet banking.
  • Any difference with the original date –given the dates we use in our bank feeds are processing dates as provided by the financial institutions. These are occasionally dated a few days later than the original.
  • Any duplicate transactions found in BankLink Practice or BankLink Books as a result of a client file being shifted from one practice to another.

Please note that this is not intended to be a complete list of situations where the MYOB BankFeeds™ Quality Guarantee cannot be claimed.


You must make a claim for the Guarantee during the calendar month (“Claim Month”) following the impacted calendar month period (“Impacted Period”) and such claim must be made no later than the final business day of the Claim Month. Any claims made outside the Claim Month will not be eligible for the MYOB BankFeeds™ Quality Guarantee.


The Guarantee may only be claimed once per month in respect of a MYOB Essentials; AccountRight Basics; AccountRight Standard; AccountRight Plus and AccountRight Premier. In other words, you will only be eligible to make one claim under this guarantee even if multiple issues are identified during a particular month of bank feeds.

The Guarantee may only be claimed once per month, per Impacted Account in respect of BankLink Practice and BankLink Books (Offsite) Secure. In other words, you will only be eligible to make one claim, per Impacted Account under this guarantee even if multiple issues are identified during a particular month of bank feeds.

However, you may claim under this guarantee in respect of more than one month if the other eligibility criteria are met.


  • The period guaranteed commences once the bank feed starts being received NOT from the date a bank feed is requested.
  • A client cannot claim under the MYOB BankFeeds™ Quality Guarantee in addition to the MYOB 90 Day Money Back Guarantee or any other offer provided by MYOB (unless otherwise stated in the terms of such an offer).


  • Your refund will be credited to the credit card that you used to purchase the Product. If you used a payment method other than credit card to purchase the Product, the refund will be paid into your nominated bank account by electronic funds transfer.
  • Please allow at least 28 days from the date that we accept the claim for us to pay you the refund.
  • The amount refunded will not exceed the amount you have actually paid for the Product (or Impacted Account, if relevant) for the relevant days during the Impacted Period. For example, if you purchased a Product in conjunction with a cash-back, voucher or other promotion, we will only refund the Subscription cost actually incurred by you during the first 30 days of the Impacted Period (or, in the case of February, the days of that month plus the first day/s in March such that the total repayment period equates to 30 days). In the event of anomalous situations, we have the right to vary the 30 days selected from the Impacted Period.


To claim the Guarantee, you need to contact us by phone on: 1300 555 151 (if you live in Australia) or 0800 60 69 62 (If you live in New Zealand).

You must provide us with the following information to validate your claim:

  • Your name;
  • Purchase details;
  • The Product serial number, if it’s applicable (we will let you know if it is);
  • The reason that you’re claiming the Guarantee; and
  • A screenshot of the transactions containing the bank feed error(s) for the affected period and a screenshot of your bank statement from Internet Banking or a paper statement

Any charges that you incur in contacting us about the Guarantee are your responsibility.

We’re providing you with this Guarantee because we stand behind the quality of our bank feeds and know that they’ll help make your business life easier. Please note though, if you haven’t complied with these Terms and Conditions or our Product Terms of Use, or if in our opinion you are trying to obtain benefits from the Guarantee that you’re not reasonably entitled to, your Guarantee claim may not be accepted.


  • Our decision on all matters relating to the Guarantee is final. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions or discontinue the Guarantee at any time. If we discontinue the Guarantee we will still process claims made before that date and issue refunds if those claims are accepted.
  • The Guarantee is in addition to, and does not replace or limit, your statutory rights (including, if you live in Australia, your rights under the Australian Consumer Law).
  • We collect and use information about you and for the purpose of administering the Guarantee. We value your privacy. For more information on how we use and collect your personal information, please visit our privacy pages for Australia and New Zealand.