Episode 26 - Game on: Silicon Valley Part I

“It doesn’t matter how big the US is, if there’s a market for what you’re doing, and no one else is doing that, somebody else will claim that space if you don’t.” - Deb Noller, Founder & CEO Switch Automation

The time is here… The SheStarts founders are off to Silicon Valley!

In Part 1 of the three-part SheStarts Grand Finale, the founders are frantically striving to prepare for a week-long trip to the US, jam-packed with visits to the tech giants, meetings with experienced entrepreneurs, and a chance to pitch to seasoned investors.

For some of the founders it’s their first time in the global heart of tech and innovation. For others, it’s a return to a place that holds special memories which form part of their own startup journey.

But for all of the women, the big question is - how will the “Mecca of Tech” respond to their early stage business ideas.