Maximise resources - staff with the right skills in the right place at the right time

At a glance

The Scheduling module integrates with all other PayGlobal modules to help you build the most effective roster possible. Skill matching and placement criteria are based on competencies, qualifications and award conditions, via the Human Resources and Time Management modules.

PayGlobal’s industry-leading Award Interpreter ensures rosters are compliant with all your employment agreements. For example, breaks, meal allowances, shift length and minimum rest times between shifts are all taken into account before a roster is made.

What PayGlobal Scheduling can do for your business

  • Matches employee competencies to what you need in your roster, including employees’ availability, position, qualifications and competencies
  • Enables planning of future rosters well in advance – there’s no limit to how far ahead you can plan
  • Alert employees – allowing you to project future labour costs
  • Calculates payroll costs before confirming rosters using the industry-leading Award Interpreter
  • Balances shifts and breaks and covers shortages automatically

Integration with other modules


PayGlobal Payroll

The MYOB PayGlobal Payroll module is a powerful solution, allowing you to automate your payroll system from multiple locations, and with unlimited numbers of employees. Scheduling shares the central MYOB PayGlobal Payroll database for current and accurate workforce data.

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PayGlobal Human Resources

The flexibility of integrating with the MYOB PayGlobal Human Resources module lets you decentralise your business processes, while giving you control over important decisions and approvals.


PayGlobal Time Management

Integrating Payroll with MYOB PayGlobal Time Management seamlessly incorporates key planning and recording features for employee attendance management and tracking.

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"Western District Health Service were looking for a complete management tool. Rostering, together with other PayGlobal modules, formed their solution."

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