Exo OnTheGo

Enable your sales team to work anywhere, anytime.

At a glance

Staff can use the Exo OnTheGo application to securely connect and access the business information on the go, enabling them to better manage the entire quote and order process.

Exo OnTheGo empowers sales teams to quickly make and convey key decisions, optimising the order process.

Customers will receive their orders quicker with fewer mistakes - improving satisfaction.

Features and Benefits:

  • It's specifically designed for sales teams
  • You can access client information OnTheGo
  • Friendly design and simple operation
  • Access a complete the end-to-end sales process - create customers and contacts and enter or amend orders all at the clients door
  • View real time item details and inventory status at any time and confidently commit to delivery times
  • View outstanding customer invoices and invoice details to assist in pro-active account management
  • Exo OnTheGo allows you to run many of the standard and customised reports from within Exo Business when you are out on the road
  • Your business data is safe and secure with password / pin code login to the application, and communication with your Exo Business system secured using encryption
  • Compatible with MYOB Exo Business 8.3 or newer

Pain free setup by downloading the app from the app store then configure it to Exo Business and you're away.

Want to demo the app?

Download the free Exo OnTheGo app now.