Financial Management

What could you do with a financial lens over your entire business?

Keep your business connected

Grow at a sustainable pace

Start achieving your long-term vision


Manage your finances, accounting, asset management and inter-company reporting


Finance module

Automate your business finances and gain flexibility with a full general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and support for foreign currency.

Control your finances your way with automated bank feeds, live, real-time stock control and subscription billing. Utilise deep CRM to gain knowledge from real-time financial reporting pumped straight into a fully-featured dashboard.

Streamline distribution processes with powerful sales order and purchasing, eliminate the need for multiple systems with support for hundreds of users. Set yourself up for the next stage of growth.


Built for your accountant

Exo comes built with a module designed specifically for accountants, with the ability to customise entire processes, workflows and checklists.

Use those checklists to manage end of period or tax returns, access detailed reports, dashboards and information, and get a sense of the financial health of the company in a glance. Query the general ledger, create journal entries, run reports and manage end of period processing.

The hub is one-stop place for your company accountant to do everything they need to do to make sure the business is running as well as it could be.


Fixed assets and inter-company reporting

Use a comprehensive portal to manage all your assets: group them by hierarchy and type, depreciate by book and tax value, locate and track assets and allocate staff to each one, recognise purchase and disposal and group by depreciation, maintenance, revaluation and more. You can even set and manage maintenance schedules.

Operating multiple legal entities doesn't need to be a hassle. The inter-company abilities within Exo allow a business to consolidate various entities into one for reporting purposes, including foreign subsidiaries, related party and OEI or minority interest companies.

Businesses can even create automatic calculations and posting of other equity interest portions, with built-in controls to account for updates.

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