Upgrading to the latest version of your ERP is vital to your business

Find out how upgrading to the latest version of your ERP software can bring an array of benefits to your business.

Why is upgrading to the latest software version vital to your business

Hesitant to upgrade to the latest version of your ERP system? You don't need to be. It might seem daunting bringing change to your business but let us tell you why it's not only important to upgrade to the newest version of your ERP, but the added benefits it can bring to your business. 

ERP software vendors work to improve their product and rollout these improvements via software upgrades. These upgrades can include new features, product and performance enhancements, compliance updates and changes to security measures. Releases are made available to clients so that they can experience the product at its best capability.

As part of software maintenance plans, upgrades are made readily available, however, you may not have the time or desire to upgrade your software. You may be comfortable with how it works already or concerned by the possibility that your business processes need to change or of an upgrade potentially failing. These are valid concerns; however, your vendor would test an upgrade thoroughly before making it available, minimising any disruptions to your business. Supporting documents would also be provided to you once a release is made available so that you are made aware of the new features or improvements that are included within a release.

Businesses who use ERP software may be on versions that are at least two or three years old, however, it is important to remember that upgrading to the latest software version can bring an array of benefits to your business. ERP solutions will always evolve to meet the advancements in technology as well as to meet the needs of their clients.

The benefits of upgrading to the latest version

Comply with new government regulations Toggle Section

New government regulations and legislations focusing on how you pay your staff, or the security of your data pass each year. As these new legislations roll in, your software needs to comply with these regulations. Your ERP software vendor works to ensure that the software you use remains compliant with new laws or changes to them, which is why it is vital to stay up-to-date with the latest version for compliance reasons. Versions that are several years old may no longer be compliant.

Boost automation Toggle Section

An upgrade could provide you with time-saving features that can improve the way you run your business. Software systems are continually automating manual tasks, removing any unnecessary paperwork allowing you to focus on what matters most, furthering business success. The addition of features such as new reports, tools that can automate general data entry tasks or even something as simple as a new check box could turn into a time-saving feature which you never would have known about if you didn’t move to the latest version.

Safeguard your data Toggle Section

Your ERP software vendor will always look to enhance the security of your system in consideration of new technology threats and government regulations. It is important to consider the measures that you have currently in place to safeguard your data. Upgrading to the latest version of your ERP software is the best defence when it comes to data protection.

Older versions may no longer be supported Toggle Section

The version some businesses may be using could be several years old. Your ERP software vendor focuses their attention to improve the current version and will in time not have the bandwidth to support older versions. To ensure that the version you are using is fully supported and is compliant, upgrading to the latest version is the answer.

Run at optimal performance Toggle Section

Upgrades may include not just new features or compliance updates, but also performance improvements. If a feature within your ERP solution is running slow or a report is taking too long to download, by upgrading to the newest version, these performance issues could be resolved within the release.

Enrich the user experience Toggle Section

Using the latest version of your ERP system can enrich the user experience. New UI updates that simplify the look-and-feel of the product, is more responsiveness or just looks better on your screen can help improve day-to-day tasks for you and your colleagues. It may be easier to find features or having a modernised look can increase the usability and productivity of your staff.

Stay competitive Toggle Section

If you are adamant in keeping the same version you have been using for years, then there is a risk that you can get left behind. Your competitors could be using the latest software which could automate how they run their business and enhance how they interact with their customers. There is a possibility that you can run the risk of falling behind or have customers move to competitors who use the latest technology and provide a faster, more accurate and personalised experience.

How to make upgrading as simple as possible?

Upgrading your software can impact not just your IT department, but several departments within your business. Before upgrading, it is important to make your staff aware that an upgrade is coming. Advise them of the brand-new functionality, performance and security improvements and business benefits the upgrade can bring to their functions. This information will make sure that they are on board with this upgrade. Make sure that your business has an upgrade plan in place and that your business has plenty of time to train users and adapt to any new processes.

To ensure the smoothest upgrade, it is best to contact your vendor or partner so that they can walk-through with you the process of an upgrade as they know your business and the ERP system inside-and-out. Your vendor or partner will inform you and your colleagues of any major changes and will provide you with all the supporting materials you need to make a seamless transition to the latest version.

The benefits of an upgrade will outweigh any disadvantages it would present to you, your staff and business. Putting off an upgrade can bring detrimental effects to your business such as non-compliance, data security threats or the version you use may no longer be supported. End-users may also feel the effects by using an outdated system that hasn't seen any new features introduced and the usability of the system could be impacting the day-to-day of your staff.

Upgrading to the latest software version will bring enormous benefit to your business by enhancing the user experience, optimise performance and using advanced technology will give your business competitive edge and can positively impact how you interact with your customers. It can also be crucial to upgrade so that you remain compliant with new government regulations and that your business keeps up-to-date with the latest security measures.