How protected is your company against payroll risks?

Payroll risk matters. Mitigate and manage it.

High profile cases across education, health and hospitality have shown that payroll malfunction can cost millions. Yet 94% of organisations said they didn’t consider risk when implementing their payroll system. Over 50% admitted that their payroll systems and processes weren’t built for their current needs.1


1 Source: Ernst & Young. Global Payroll: Myth or Reality? April 2013.

Seven major risks factors to the health of your payroll

Smart organisations understand the risks and whether their systems can handle them. Start managing risk by examining your payroll set-up. 

Security breaches Toggle Section

Confidential payroll data contains some of the company's most sensitive information. Is your data safe? Internal and external security measures should focus on systems, staff and technology. This includes looking at data-sharing, privacy, access and training.

System failure or data loss Toggle Section

To keep business running you need to be able to pay employees. Testing, backup and data recovery processes safeguard data both in the cloud and on-premise servers. Do you have robust backup and recovery plans for disasters or system failures?

Business knowledge Toggle Section

Often there’s only a few people in your organisation that understand the ins-and-outs of your specific payroll and its workarounds. You need to protect the knowledge surrounding your systems’ running, configuration and maintenance.

Business fit Toggle Section

Once in place, an organisation’s payroll processes and systems tend to remain as such for years… even after the business needs have changed. To reduce inefficiencies, evaluate your systems and processes to see if they still stand up.

Non-compliance Toggle Section

Tax compliance is a vital part of payroll, with serious consequences for errors. You need confidence that you’re 100% accurate, every time. Has your system kept up with the many changes to tax legislation, awards and agreements?

Soft costs Toggle Section

Payroll costs extend beyond your headcount. You might be unwittingly leaking money and resources via wastage, double-handling or inaccuracies. Examine areas such as time capture, manual tasks, spreadsheets, information integrity and reporting.

Fraudulent activity Toggle Section

Companies say 13% of the fraud they experienced is through their payroll.2 Are your approval processes, workflows and duties watertight? Do you have alerts and mechanisms to prevent leave, hours or bank details being tampered with?

Source: PwC. Global Economic Crime Survey: The Australian Story. 2014

Get a payroll risk assessment to identify weaknesses

An external assessment of your systems and processes can help you identify your organisation’s core strengths and weaknesses. We offer a complimentary analysis that comprehensively reviews the three pillars of risk in your business: people, process and technology.

MYOB PayGlobal has been helping mid-sized, large and enterprise organisations set up and run robust, complex payroll operations for 20 years. We can help you identify what preventative actions are needed and help you achieve: 


Peace of mind

Gain confidence that you’re tax compliant, protected from fraud and calculating award rates and EBAs correctly.



Understand your weaknesses across your processes, controls, data security and fraud-protection.



Armed with insights you can create better systems and processes tailored to your business needs.


Cost savings

Robust risk mitigation cuts wastage and protects your organisation from serious loss: before it happens.

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