Communicat is a leading Australian-based service provider of private cloud-hosted business systems. 

With more than 20 years’ experience supporting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, hosted business systems and Managed IT Network Infrastructure - Communicat offers businesses a huge range of technologies to a wide variety of business.

Communicat’s service excellence for Cloud Hosting and Managed Services has been recognised by winning the 2013 N-Able Managed Service Provider of the Year Award for Australia and New Zealand. 

The Communicat team is qualified to support the entire range of technologies that you require including MYOB EXO, Crystal Reports, Cisco, VMWare and a wide range of Microsoft technologies including SQL Server, Network Infrastructure, Exchange, Office, .Net Framework Sharepoint, Hyper-V etc.

Communicat is an Australian owned company with its head office located in Melbourne and a network of secure data centres located within Australia. 

Communicat supports clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua-New Guinea and the Asia Pacific region Communicat’s cloud service caters for a wide range of business types including commercial organisations, government, semi-government and community service / Not for Profit organisations.

Communicat provides:

  • High speed data access, integrated support, pro-active network management, Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery.
  • The highest levels of reliability and 99.999% uptime are achieved as a result of Communicat’s coordinated and integrated business software and network support service.
  • Hosted systems that are tailored to the needs of each individual client in order to achieve “Turn-Key” integrated solutions to suit the specific needs of your business.
  • Private Cloud Hosting which includes an important “No Strings” benefit whereby you will own your data and you will also have the option to own your software. If circumstances change you can take both your software and your data with you to another cloud service, or you can implement your system on your own in-house network.
  • Hosting within Australia which guarantees full compliance with local privacy laws and legal jurisdiction. Communicat’s local support team has full familiarity with the Australian/New Zealand taxation, employment and business environment.
  • The ability to host your eCommerce, Portals, Client Relationship Management and Electronic Data Interchange systems at Communicat’s high speed data centre and achieve online integrated data flows with your MYOB EXO business management system.


Communicat hosting is entirely based around the “Private Cloud” method. This offers much higher levels of safety and reliability compared with Public Cloud Hosting methods. With Communicat your business system will be privately hosted within a separate and independent location within the data centre.

Your network servers will be dedicated exclusively to your company and are completely isolated from systems operated by our other clients. Upgrades are individually managed and controlled on an individual client basis, with the result that you will achieve the highest level of reliability.

The Communicat support service covers your ERP, Microsoft Office Software and Network Infrastructure. Therefore Communicat is able to take full responsibility for the total reliability of all aspects of your system. 

This method reduces your costs and optimises the performance, compatability, integration and reliability of your system. Communicat is an approved MYOB Enterprise Cloud Partner and also an approved Microsoft Silver Hosting Partner.


Data security is a crucial priority for Communicat. Your data will be held within one of the Communicat Data Centres located within Australia.

The standard of technology operated by Communicat is such that protection of your information is at a much higher level than can be achieved by individual clients with internal hosting, for example anti-intrusion, anti-malware and backups are managed at an advanced level.

Communicat uses world-leading pro-active early-warning technology operating 24 hours / 365 days to ensure that threats and risks are anticipated and eliminated long before they have any impact. Data hosting is held within Communicat's own multi-layered physical and network security environments, with fall-back systems, monitored backups, quality audits and 24 hour monitored support.

With the Communicat cloud service you always retain ownership of your data. Data ownership rights of the client are fully protected under Communicat’s Private Cloud Service Agreement.

With Communicat’s cloud solution you have the right to portability of your data (which is always owned by you), and you can also own your software.

If circumstances change, you can have full rights of portability; you have the right to take both your MYOB Enterprise Data and your Enterprise Software with you to another hosting location or to your own self-hosted location. This gives you maximum security, flexibility and protection against risks.

Australian and New Zealand Compliance

Communicat’s cloud service is fully hosted within Australia, providing compliance with Australian laws regarding privacy, taxation and legal jurisdiction. Your support team is based in Australia/New Zealand and has a full understanding of local business and employment conditions.


Support is provided by Communicat’s team of 24 consultants and technicians. Every member of the Communicat Team is aware that your information systems are mission-critical for the success of your business, and therefore your data systems must have maximum up-time, reliability and secure protection.

All members of the Communicat team have a passion to help you to work more efficiently, with clear, simple information, unified-integrated data and to achieve this at an affordable cost. Once you partner with Communicat you will be able to focus on growing your business and leave IT management to the professionals.

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