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MYOB Greentree at the frontier of science

The Florey Institute is committed to solving some of the greatest medical challenges of our time. When investigating an ERP system that could streamline process and free up scientists to focus on vital research, MYOB Greentree was the stand-out choice.



The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health is one of Australia’s largest medical research institutes. The not-for-profit organisation conducts scientific, lab-based research on neurological conditions of the brain including epilepsy, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and addiction. The institute employs about 600 people across several campuses, and receives around $60 million per year in funding.

the problem

Paperwork bogging down brain research

The Florey’s business systems were completely fragmented, with the lack of alignment keeping staff mired in administrative drudgery. A solution was needed that would allow the Florey’s scientists to focus solely on vital medical research and keep the institute from diverting precious resources.

"We’re in a competitive environment for skilled researchers, so if I don’t have the infrastructure in terms of systems, automation, access, information and reporting, they may go elsewhere, taking that funding with them.” explains Peter Plecher, Group director (Finance).

"Fragmentation was causing us all sorts of grief"
the solution

Giving scientists the freedom to focus

Implementing Greentree’s Timesheets - Mobile means researchers and managers can now handle their administrative workflow quickly and efficiently, eliminating time-wasting paperwork. MYOB Greentree also delivers ample reporting power to handle the highly detailed financial statements required by the directors.

"The MYOB Greentree partner was head and shoulders above the other vendors."
the outcome

A positive test result

Today the institute runs more smoothly, with alignment and integration across financial management, human resources & payroll, and service & asset management. Many tasks have been automated, cumbersome paperwork minimised and costs have been reduced.

“I needed a system that can provide the best possible experience for our researchers,” Peter says. “Greentree is reliable and easy to use, so that the scientists can concentrate on keeping us at the forefront of brain research."

"Greentree is reliable and easy to use"


  • Clunky and poor user experience
  • Fragmented systems
  • Double handling and inaccurate paperwork


  • Increased ease of use
  • Unified processes and systems that talk to each other
  • Greater automation and speed

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