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MYOB Greentree puts a sound roof over many heads

MYOB Greentree gives Ross Roof Group a clearer view of their business through a seamless workflow.

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Ross Roof Group has been synonymous with roofing since the 1940s. Today, it exports its metal roofing systems to 80 countries worldwide under the brands Tilcor and Metrotile, and produces millions of roofing tiles a year.


Archaic system, data worries

MYOB Greentree ERP system had been in place for several years when the company’s structure changed to accommodate rapid growth. Several extra companies were incorporated to distribute its products internationally. Multiple data entry led to inaccuracies and the system couldn’t handle the rapidly growing inventory.

“We were encountering serious issues with the volume of orders and APs, plus consolidating the financial information from our different companies.” says RRG’s Commercial Manager, George Khoury. “There was too much paperwork from the approval of sales orders and invoices, and automating processes became a top priority.”

"There was too much paperwork, and automating processes became a top priority."

Seamless workflow across the organisation

An integrated ERP system was clearly a must, but RRG also knew it needed to fill some special requirements to get the level of inventory control it needed between its manufacturing plant and its warehouse. The Greentree Partner was able to adapt the system to meet RRG’s demands.

RRG’s manufacturing process is a 24-hour operation. Orders placed in MYOB Greentree’s Manufacturing module are visible on screens all around the factory, enabling receipts to be entered as soon as orders are filled and eliminating delays in filling out paperwork.

"This saves us a lot of time and effort, eliminating the risk of human error"

A clearer view for everyone

MYOB Greentree Workflow gives live visibility across the company, especially for purchasing and credit control. RRG’s approval process is now handled electronically through Workflow, replacing a slow paper trail. The addition of eDocs has brought further efficiencies, enabling purchase orders and invoices to be scraped into the system. Another big plus is that despite its workload more than doubling in recent years, RRG has not needed to take on more staff.

"We’ve cut paperwork by around 70%."


  • System unable to handle rapid growth
  • Slow approval processes
  • Too much paperwork
  • Lack of cross-company visibility
  • Inventory management not up to scratch


  • Single-point data entry across companies
  • Paperwork slashed
  • Electronic approval process
  • Live data visibility
  • Integrated manufacturing and distribution
  • Staff levels held despite extra workload

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