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At MYOB we understand the many complexities, problems and pains of growing a manufacturing business. We also know that for every problem there’s a smart software solution. Discover how we enabled Nippy’s Juices to squeeze more efficiencies and productivity out of the business, improve workflow management, processes and supply chain, helping make their business one of South Australia’s most successful.



Talk to just about anyone about fresh juice and the name Nippy’s comes to mind. Founded in the Riverland of South Australia in the early 1930s, Nippy’s is one of those great Australian companies still doing what it does best – delivering fresh produce to the people of Australia. Last year, Nippy’s produced and delivered over 10 million bottles of fresh juice around Australia.


Existing software was putting the squeeze on growth

For several years, Nippy's had been using two accounting systems side by side. These systems worked but Nippy's simply outgrew the pair of them. They needed data to be readily available across the business, not just at the top, and their existing systems couldn't manage that.

"We needed data to be readily available across the business, not just at the top. Our existing systems couldn’t manage that, and this was holding back our ability to grow the business."

Introduce some ‘big picture’ thinking

Enter MYOB Exo with functionality tailored to their specific needs, including advanced reporting capabilities, multiple access, distribution work flows, good stock control and bill of materials. As a result, Nippy’s was able to simplify many processes. like being able track deliveries, payments and reimbursements for all of their self-employed distributors who deliver juice all over Australia. A complicated and time consuming task is now simple, saving time and helping to improve the bottom line.

"The way all of the Exo products link with each other has saved us so much time in payroll, administration and production, which all goes to improving our bottom line, enabling us to increase our expansion plans."

All the data in one place

The real value for Nippy’s has been the consolidation of the group’s operations into one financial package. Nippy’s now have all their vital information in one place. This means anybody at Nippy’s can dip into the system and pull out what they need, whenever they need it, having a profound effect on how information on sales and stock is shared around the business. Also, the ability to access information centrally has totally transformed the workflow at Nippy’s while access to up-to-date information has revolutionised stock keeping and reporting.

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  • Two accounting systems that couldn't talk to each other
  • Lots of manual information inputting for deliveries
  • Critical information in separate silos


  • Consolidated financials and seamless integration company-wide
  • Data workload has been reduced by 20-plus hours a week
  • Clear insight into all areas of our business all

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