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A gallery of new functionality for MONA

MYOB Greentree helps MONA consolidate, streamline and access live data from more than 50 different profit centres.

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The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is the largest privately funded museum in Australia, located north of Hobart. Since opening in 2011 it has become Tasmania’s second most popular tourist attraction, drawing more than 380,000 visitors in its first year.

the problem

Curating a highly diverse operation

As being a nationally and internationally renowned museum: MONA is has a conference and events centre, winery, brewery, restaurant, hotel, café, bars, retail outlet and a wholesale and retail wine operation. On top of these many permanent businesses operating in the complex, MONA hosts major festivals and events. They now employ about 170 fulltime equivalent staff, supplemented by additional casual labour during the tourist seasons.

A highly ambitious project like MONA required a highly flexible financial system capable of handling numerous transactions and likely business expansion, as well as on-the-spot data analysis.

"It was plain that our old accounting system couldn’t cope"
the solution

A masterpiece of functionality and flexibility

MONA processes around half a million visitor transactions per year, and MYOB Greentree’s integration with the POS systems ensures relatively simple importing of data. While the number of retail outlets at MONA doubled in the space of two years that was no problem for MYOB Greentree.

For Patrick Kelly, MONA’s accountant, the most valuable tool is MYOB Greentree IQ*.  It has eliminated the time-consuming burden of manually manipulating spreadsheets: whether it was to crunch the numbers from the numerous consumer outlets, or to calculate the wages bill from 250-plus timesheets per week.

"MYOB Greentree was the system that was most rounded"
the outcome

Data delivered in seconds

Hundreds of thousands of transactions are handled easily, costs are tightly controlled, and despite rapid expansion, the finance department has required only one extra employee. “Using data from IQ* and our two POS systems, I can also look at the performance of an individual business unit on a weekly basis, and determine whether that unit is delivering against budgeted targets and margins,” says Patrick.

An on-the-spot query concerning specific costs in any part of the MONA operation can be dealt with straight away because of the live data provided by MYOB Greentree’s Workflow desktop. The seasonal tourism demands are monitored and adjusted to ensure that staffing levels are appropriate for the level of business.

"I can be as detailed or consolidated as I want"


  • System unable to handle volume and scope of transactions
  • Lack of control across business functions
  • Inadequate reporting functionality
  • No way to process on the spot queries

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  • Ability to handle half a million transactions per year
  • Integration with 20 POS terminals across 50 profit centres
  • Consolidated reports easily generated via Greentree IQ*
  • Live data view via MYOB Greentree’s Workflow desktop

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