ERP system keeps MediaWorks humming

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Television is highly labour-intensive. It costs thousands of dollars to make a single programme. MediaWorks owns television channels and radio stations throughout New Zealand. Its television arm, TVWorks, employs mostly contract labourers to produce shows.

 “We needed something that would enable us to get the information uploaded quickly and effectively, and be able to report back to the production managers – and that’s exactly what MYOB Greentree gave us,” Finance Manager Michelle Mullins explains.


Heavy workload consolidating data

TVWorks has offices in Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton. The accounts for all these activities have to be consolidated at MediaWorks’ Auckland HQ. Month-end consolidation used to be a two-day job.

“Everything around TV is go, go, go,” Michelle says, “Greentree enables us to give quick responses when a producer wants to do something: here’s a report that’s up to date to the last payroll, that’s where your costs sit, you’ve got your budget – away you go.”


Live data visibility

Tasks that used to take hours have been reduced to minutes. A large travel invoice that could take 30 minutes to key in is now handled with a quick exchange of spreadsheets and the push of a button. Reconciling fixed assets at month-end used to take days – not anymore. A phone query from another department can be answered instantly rather than with an “I’ll get back to you”.


"We’ve gone from batch updating to real-time."

A system everyone owns

The size of the project necessitated splitting it into stages. Stage One involved just core Financial Management. Stage Two involved customising Greentree’s eRequisitions and eApprovals modules, so that the multitude of purchase orders could be managed via the web. Stage Two saw about 80 more users coming into the system, but this was achieved with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

“It feels now like we are doing the job we were employed to do,” says Michelle. “We now have at our fingertips the data we need to analyse and produce for the departments. We’re providing them with a complete breakdown of costs, and we’re adding value to the numbers that we’re producing.

"I think we’ve built a new level of trust with the department heads; they know that they can get the data that they need, and it gives them the ability to make better decisions."


  • Data stored at multiple locations made access difficult
  • Data backlogs common
  • Monthly consolidations a laborious process


  • Web-based data access
  • Streamline approvals process
  • Live visibility
  • Consolidation time slashed
  • Better analysis
  • A new level of trust

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