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Marnong Estate’s complex business wrapped in single solution

Named for the aboriginal yam daisy, Marnong Estate was built as a legacy asset for the local community, and now includes a resort spa, events venue, restaurants and restored historic buildings. With even more facilities planned, the business needed MYOB Advanced to simplify their ever-growing complexity.

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A community facility

Intended as a place to connect the community, and for local families to gather, Marnong Estate’s business is more complex than the norm. Where other organisations may deal with only five entities working under the same chart of accounts, General Manager Gerald Ackroyd explains that Marnong Estate is doing all that “on steroids.” This, along with subaccounts that need to be used as departmental accounts, is a recipe for unmanageable complexity. As Gerald says, MYOB Advanced was able to simplify that complexity, deliver each arm of the business the functionality it needed, and integrate them into a single view of the business. 

The Problem

Double handling, no single view

Marnong Estate had been making do with disparate systems to suit the separate parts of its business. This set-up offered little in the way of integration or overarching organisational oversight, and required double handling of information.

Gerald explains that this affected every part of the business: “It doesn’t give you quick easy answers – you can’t see trends. At a micro level you’re transferring information across – you’re doing a lot of double tasking just to get the same result.”

As Marnong Estate grew, Gerald knew this limitation would become a real liability. 

"It doesn’t give you quick easy answers. You can’t see trends. You’re doing a lot of double tasking just to get the same result."
The Solution

A cloud-based system answers complexity

What Marnong Estate needed, explains Gerald, was a cloud-based system that could operate all the separate entities, and still be “integrated back into an umbrella view.”

Gerald was first struck with MYOB Advanced’s scalability, with the capacity to deal with the ever-expanding complexity and growing business’s data needs.

“MYOB Advanced itself provides answers to all of it,” he says.  

Gerald also noted that while “Advanced’s licensing isn’t out of reach, it’s just as powerful as any other ERP system,” but offers more flexibility, and the tools they needed to “get the business done.”

"It offers flexibility on a greater scale and provides the tools we need to get the business done. And the licensing isn’t out of reach – it’s made things affordable."

Better efficiency and a wider, integrated view

Customised reporting now automatically collates detailed financial information, which Gerald says has made daily tasks more efficient. “We’ve increased the capability of the end user, and that suddenly opens up more opportunities,” he says.  

Gerald says Advanced offers a “clean” solution and “completes the circle” with entities, on their own general ledgers and in multiple currencies.

“But it all comes through in the overarching view,” he adds. “That gives us transparency all the way to the end user.”

More integrations will deliver even more benefits, efficiency gains and oversight.

“It has the full capability of giving me any level of detail I want by pressing a button.”

"It has the full capability of giving me any level of detail I want by pressing a button."


  • Manual data input and processes restricting growth
  • Lack of accurate reporting or oversight
  • Too much time spent on repetitive tasks


  • Automation saves time and improves accuracy
  • EDI connection and reporting allows for simpler, more accurate picking and packing
  • Customisation allows for Standing Orders

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