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The raw materials to get Interaust Foods on track

MYOB Greentree helps the leading fresh fruit and vegetable supplier to gain the competitive edge through a 90% reduction in errors and sophisticated reporting features.



For over 30 years Interaust Foods have provided quality raw materials for food and beverage producers. Today, Interaust wholesales over 300 different products for major producers of packaged foods and beverages around the world.

the problem

Systems that didn’t stack up

Interaust Foods’ outdated system had created a multitude of manual processes and subsequent confusion about vital figures. When you’re importing 10-15,000 tonnes of raw materials per year, these sorts of mistakes add up. “Our business systems were antiquated” explains Tony Fraser, Financial Controller of Interaust Foods. “We were never quite sure whether or not we had the stock to fill the orders.”

Interaust Foods operates in a highly seasonal market, influenced by many factors including weather and crop yields, meaning that quantities available and prices are in a constant state of flux. The manual processing, conflicting price documents and high rates of error was unsustainable.

"There was a lot of double and triple handling of information"
the solution

A tall order that Greentree was able to fulfil

MYOB Greentree now holds all of the important data in one place; all the relevant team members have a live view of transactions and stock levels, and there’s a single set of true information. This has taken the risky, and costly, guesswork out of product and sale contracts.

The live visibility delivered by MYOB Greentree’s workflow ensures a trouble-free trail from sale to release, dispatch and invoicing. Greentree also enables accurate monitoring of incoming shipments and has removed the hassle of exchange rate fluctuations.

"It’s now our one-stop shop for whatever we want to know."
the outcome

Importing a truckload of benefits

The web of spreadsheets for different products and customers is a thing of the past, and Tony estimates that pricing errors have dropped by more than 90%. Errors in handling orders are now minimal and double handling has been stamped out, saving time and money.

“I used to have to spend a day and a half every quarter manually keying in sales figures for reports to our directors. Now I just get the figures from MYOB Greentree and the job is done in minutes. I’d say we’re light years ahead of where we were,” Tony says.

"We had to modernise, and Greentree has helped us to do that"


  • Unsure of stock levels
  • Difficult, inaccurate pricing resulting in errors and financial loss
  • Time consuming, manual process to get vital reports
  • Triple handling of information


  • Live view of transactions in one system
  • Pricing errors reduced by 90%
  • Reports of key figures generated in minutes
  • A single source of truth

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