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Hospitals make quick recovery

The Human Alliance of Rural Hospitals is a large organisation with over 5,000 employees. So when it found out its payroll system would no longer be supported, they needed a new plan – and MYOB PayGlobal provided a no-stress solution.



The Hume Alliance of Rural Hospitals was formed in 1998 to provide information and communication technology, strategic planning and implementation services for 17 public hospitals.

Hume Alliance represents 5,000 employees in the north-east of Victoria, so when it needed to replace its payroll system, the Alliance had to ensure their new payroll provider could always be relied upon.


Poor prognosis

In 2000, Hume Alliance learned that its payroll provider would no longer be supporting the system it was using. The Alliance turned to those within its group for recommendations on a new payroll provider. A shortlist was created and PayGlobal (now MYOB PayGlobal) emerged the winner.

Chief Information Officer at the time, Steve Bowmaker, said, “We wanted a system with a proven track record in Victorian public hospitals and one that could assist us to streamline key processes while providing superior management and employee information.”


Prescription for success

Hume Alliance runs MYOB PayGlobal via an in-house ASP. It had to be implemented within three-and-a-half months across 16 of the Hume Alliance’s 17 sites. “We needed a vendor to assist us reasonably quickly from a project implementation perspective,” said Steve. The hospitals were brought across to PayGlobal in four groups following a largely centralised project planning process, with the entire system up and running by January 2002. “We were very pleased to go live with PayGlobal within the timeframe. All employees were paid and there were no major problems,” said Steve.


Clean bill of health

“Feedback from both management and users on the new system has been very positive,” said Steve. “Hume Alliance has benefitted from streamlined processing, improved analysis of labour costs and better reporting. The Alliance is happy that the future direction of MYOB PayGlobal is in line with its own people management goals.”

Steve added, “We like the development pathway that MYOB PayGlobal is on and hope that we will continue to benefit from the company’s continual development and refining of its products.”

"We wanted a system with a proven track record."


  • Payroll provider no longer supported previous payroll system


  • Streamlined payroll processing
  • Functionality to enable effective labour cost analysis
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities

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