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ERP system gives a better view nationwide

Halifax Vogel Group (HVG) distributes building, industrial and decorative materials to businesses across Australia.  A growing customer-base alongside recent business acquisitions, the complexity of managing customers and information had increased. Thanks to its MYOB Greentree solution HVG has consolidated and automated processes while real-time inventory across the country is visible. Customer orders are now filled quickly and accurately; costs are controlled and teams have the information they need to work smarter and make better decisions.


Halifax Vogel Group Pty Limited (HVG) is a diversified industrial products distribution business with an annual turnover that exceeds $100 million.

Established in the 1950’s, HVG has evolved to become a modern streamlined business representing some of the most respected brand names in a number of industries. The 100% Australian family-owned business imports product from around the world to service the local market.

With a vision for distribution excellence, HVG is Focused on providing customers with leading brands, quality product and experienced sales and technical support.


Everyone needs their own view

CEO Bruce Rayment wanted all the company’s employees to have a personalised view of the tasks they needed to perform and information they needed to access.

“Our customer base is broad and diverse, we have a lot of stock-keeping units and a lot of small order quantities that are being distributed,” explains Bruce.

“We need a system that’s able to make it easy for our staff to provide inventory information to our clients when they make enquiries on the phone or to our sales force in the field when they’re discussing requirements with our customers,” he says.

"Greentree is an exceptional system in the sense that we’re able to view all of our stock nationally."

Integration for accuracy

Greentree rolled multiple, disparate systems, databases and spreadsheets into one integrated system.  Integration has effectively eliminated manual processes, reduced huge amounts of data entry time and significantly improved information flows and accuracy 

"Greentree also allows us to standardise our processes, making us more efficient across the business."

Quality data for all

“The business benefits are enormous.  It enables us to manage our inventory better, to analyse customers’ sales patterns and purchases and to analyse product movements very well.  It also allows our sales team to manipulate data and to judge it against various parameters like sales revenue, budget and gross profitability.

We get enormous value for money out of Greentree; it’s been able to handle the increasing size, scale and complexity of the business as its grown quite easily,” Bruce concludes.

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"Greentree provides information that enables us to make better decisions every day."


  • Fragmented view of inventory across multiple warehouses
  • Difficulty providing information for clients
  • Too much manual labour for clients


  • All inventory easy to monitor nationwide
  • Staff have personalised view
  • Clients better informed
  • Integration cuts time and paperwork
  • Operational intelligence

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MYOB Advanced

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