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With such a huge area to manage, Goulburn Valley Water has a huge amount of responsibility. Managing the payroll needs for 200 employees doesn’t make things easier. So when their old system wasn’t up to scratch, GVW made a change and it’s never looked back.



Goulburn Valley Water is the largest manager and provider of urban water supply and wastewater treatment in Victoria. The company provides services to a population of over 129,000, stretching from the outskirts of Melbourne to the Murray River.

With 200 employees to look after, Goulbourn Valley Water needed a seamless payroll process. Unfortunately, the existing system wasn’t up to the job.


Old and outdated

According to Noel Squires, Manager of Information Systems, the company was impressed by the rich functionality of PayGlobal (now MYOB PayGlobal) – but most importantly, by the fact it was the only provider on its shortlist to have an award interpretation.

Award interpretation allows MYOB PayGlobal to automatically calculate employee payments in payroll based on the award rules. This eliminates the need for time consuming data entry and error correction.


“As our business is spread over a very large area, having the ability for employees to directly enter their own time costing was very important to us,” says Squires. “MYOB PayGlobal’s powerful award interpreter allows us to do this effectively.”

"EXO has provided us with a high level of confidence."

A pool of options

Goulburn Valley Water found PayGlobal to be price competitive and flexible. More importantly, it was a product they felt would grow with them in the long term as they develop their HR strategies.

“We looked at more expensive and less expensive products and found that PayGlobal stacked up well as a value proposition. Some of the more expensive products actually had less functionality than PayGlobal.”

"The ability for employees to directly enter their own time costing was very important to us."

Results begin to flow

After PayGlobal was implemented, conservative estimates showed the company was saving around $70,000 annually on timesheet entry alone. Time spent processing payroll was reduced by more than 50%.

With Payroll and Time and Attendance modules up and running, staff were finally free from previously time-consuming processes. Needless to say, feedback from the payroll staff was very positive. The support team was also extremely helpful in answering any day-to-day payroll queries.


  • Previous system had no improvements or upgrades
  • Payroll system didn’t support Windows XP
  • Time consuming data entry
  • A lot of double handling


  • Annual saving of $70,000 on timesheet entry
  • More than 50 percent reduction in time spent processing payroll
  • Full award interpretation
  • Double handling of information eliminated

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