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Forsyth Barr invests in MYOB PayGlobal

Running a business over 75 years means that at one point or another, you’re going to outgrow yourself. Forsyth Barr eventually grew beyond the limits of its payroll system and needed one that could handle its needs both now and in the future.


Despite trying several options, Forsyth Barr settled on MYOB PayGlobal – and it’s been a perfect fit.



Forsyth Barr is a professional firm providing a full range of investment options including sharebroking, portfolio management, research and investment banking services. Investors have put their trust in the New Zealand owned firm for over 75 years. During this time, the company has grown. So much so, Forsyth Barr outgrew the payroll system it had been using for many years.


Payroll system is a bust

To save processing time, Forsyth Barr made the decision in late 2009 to change payroll providers. The payroll provider the firm chose was a relatively new company.

According to Forsyth Barr’s Human Resources Manager, Lisa Smith, “from the very first live pay-run, we experienced processing problems. There were issues with the integrity of the data and the system set-up.”

Forsyth Barr was in desperate need for a payroll system they could rely upon.

"MYOB PayGlobal has exceeded our expectations."

The right investment

Lisa Smith was familiar with PayGlobal (now MYOB PayGlobal) and knew it was an effective system. Forsyth Barr was impressed with the flexible reporting options and the ability to open payroll data in Excel. They were also pleased that PayGlobal integrated easily with existing accounting software.

The firm was incredibly happy with the level of service provided by the dedicated PayGlobal professionals during every step of the implementation process. “The sales team responded very quickly to all of my queries and provided detailed costings,” says Smith.


High returns

“MYOB PayGlobal has exceeded our expectations,” says Smith. “The implementation was seamless and we came in under budget!”

Forsyth Barr has cut its monthly payroll processing by more than 50%. The Self-Service module meant there was no more time wasted on manually entering leave or timesheets.


  • Existing payroll system full of errors
  • Unreliable data and system set-up
  • Lost confidence in payroll provider


  • Effective and reliable payroll system was implemented
  • 50% reduction in processing time
  • Solution compatible with current accounting software
  • Gained a trusted and experienced payroll partner

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