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Eastern Tree Service (ETS) had problems managing a complex billing system for its work – trimming and clearing vegetation – with a wide range of contract types and timesheets. MYOB Greentree’s integrated Payroll and Job Costing, coupled with Mobile Timesheets, mean that billable work hours are now captured accurately. Reliable data management has enabled ETS to bid for, and win, major contracts in five states.

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Around 95% of ETS’s work involves clearing vegetation around power lines. ETS also does environmental work for councils, and electrical services for power companies. It employs more than 650 people, working out of offices in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania.

MYOB Greentree easily handles the capture of data for ETS’s complex billing system. 

The Problem

Complex billing needed better handling

ETS crews cover large distances, and customers are billed on a time basis for people and vehicles. It operates on three types of contracts: hourly rate, unit rate and a fixed price. All that data has to be fed into a centralised system before billing is done – and that’s where ETS was having problems.

Without being able to easily verify that the data being captured was accurate, there was no certainty that a correct bill was being sent to the customer, and nor could accurate analysis be guaranteed, to determine whether individual jobs were profitable.

"Costing errors probably cost us thousands."
The Solution

Integration simplifies data entry

Having a single entry point for all those timesheets was critical for ETS. After a shopping expedition, Paul had a shortlist of solutions: SAP, Technology One, and MYOB Greentree. “Greentree won because it had an integrated payroll system,” he says. 

Greentree was fully implemented by July 2009, and since then, Paul and his staff have had a much easier life. “It’s extremely hard to miss the data now,” he says. “I know I can get the information I need, and I know I can rely on the quality of the information that’s in there.”

"We know we’ve got a reliable system and it’s extremely hard to miss the data now."
The Outcome

Efficiency and accuracy

Greentree’s eTimesheets module allows a single point of entry, sending data to both Payroll and Job Costing. ETS has equipped its trucks with iPads, which send data to Job Costing via the web.

The billable and unbillable hours (downtime due to bad weather, breakdowns or illness) are now accurately captured.

“With Greentree, we’re more efficient and more accurate. We can now have faith that we can go into a new contract area and know exactly what the performance of that contract area is doing at any time.”

"We’ve grown enormously in recent years, and I think we’d have struggled without Greentree."


  • Complex billing difficult to manage
  • Multiple data entry issues
  • High risk of error
  • Money slipping through the cracks


  • Fully integrated job costing and payroll
  • Multiple entry eliminated
  • Reliable data means accurate billing
  • Confidence when bidding for contracts

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