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The business intelligence EasiYo needs to make it

MYOB Greentree IQ* gives EasiYo the power to identify sales trends and uncover key business insights.

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EasiYo Products is the market leader in the ‘make-it-yourself’ yogurt category and exports half its product range worldwide. They are a part of Wetland Milk Products, a New Zealand based, independent company owned by dairy farmers.

the problem

Fighting against a growth resistant system

With an international reach, EasyiYo needed the ability to garner valuable insights and predict sales trends from geographical and demographic data. Hamstrung by a legacy system struggling to keep up with business demand and becoming a barrier to growth, the decision was made to migrate to MYOB Greentree.

“With dairy prices spiralling worldwide, the need to constantly review margins, pricing and sales trends has become enormously important,” says David Granger, General Manager for EasiYo.

"Reviewing margins, pricing and sales trends has become enormously important"

Deep diving into the data

While Easiyo makes use of MYOB Greentree’s Financial Management, Supply Chain & Distribution and Manufacturing suites, they have found MYOB Greentree IQ particularly useful. A business intelligence tool, MYOB Greentree IQ builds a visual view of data. It enables performance comparison, identifies trends, forecasts via ‘what if’ scenarios and undertakes critical analysis of key business indicators.

He explains, “We are now able to drill-down to different levels of detail, which in the case of supermarkets sales data, can throw up anomalies which Greentree IQ makes sense of.”

"We are now able to drill-down to different levels of detail"
the solution
the outcome

MYOB Greentree gives EasiYo the taste for growth

Greentree’s integrated environment has improved tasks across the business. Consolidated company accounts that used to take three weeks to prepare are now turned around in 10 days. Budgeting and Reporting are far less time-consuming and the sophistication of analysis tools such as MYOB Greentree IQ keeps the financial teams lean, removing the need to waste resources on inaccurate paperwork.

Analysing sales data from geographically distant consumers and the supermarket buying patterns of multiple continents, was at one time an all-consuming affair. MYOB Greentree IQ has come together as a strategic tool for uncovering trends and anomalies, and most importantly, opportunities.

"Our MYOB Greentree Partner has been excellent"

Fast facts


  • Non-integrated environment making a single view difficult
  • Unwieldly data analysis across geographies and currencies
  • An outdated system, holding back growth
  • Budgeting and reporting are time consuming, requires human input


  • Preparation of consolidated reports halved
  • Ability for deeper investigation and understanding
  • A strategic tool to mine for opportunities
  • Reduction of resources required

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