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Tapping into the secret of customer service success

MYOB Greentree helps Comdain Infrastructure set new industry benchmarks for customer service.

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Comdain Infrastructure is a national construction and maintenance services business specialising in the gas, irrigation and water sectors. It has been in business since 1962 and has a workforce of 500-plus staff across twelve operational centres. Comdain engineers and maintains assets including water pumping stations, water pipelines or gas distribution networks – projects which can run into the tens of millions of dollars.

the problem

Removing the blockages to rapid response

Comdain Infrastructure prides itself on outstanding management practices and a commitment to rapid response to its clients’ needs. This means having quick turn-around times and accuracy. Comdain required an ERP system that could handle the huge volumes of data related to projects, while easily integrating  with internal and external business systems.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds as Comdain Infrastructure is involved in more than a dozen capital works projects while its maintenance work delivers over 50,000 work orders per annum. Its clients include Multinet Gas, Sydney Water and APA GasNet.

"Before MYOB Greentree, every work order would involve paper, which led to data mistakes"
the solution

Getting the moving parts talking via API

MYOB Greentree captures all the job costs for work done by Comdain Infrastructure staff and subcontractors. APIs created by its API Engine are used to integrate with other systems, including those of clients, to manage service requests and work orders.

With the help of its MYOB Greentree Partner, Comdain has also developed a field application to handle service requests, integrating with MYOB Greentree CRM. This real-time data view has enabled Comdain to sign service level agreements that promise response within 60 minutes for emergencies such as gas or water leaks.

"MYOB Greentree is a one-stop shop"
the outcome

A pipeline to success: premium service and customer satisfaction

Comdain project managers can better and more quickly resolve client queries via MYOB Greentree’s ability to instantly drill down to get the information they need.

As such Comdain has set industry benchmarks and receives glowing client testimonials. “The flexibility of our MYOB Greentree system has been central to our success and sustained growth,” says IT Manager Matt Hughes. “We outperform our competitors in terms of our technological infrastructure. When we bid for contracts, we demonstrate our integrated IT and field service capabilities to prospective clients; this has helped us to win business.”

"Our MYOB Greentree system has been central to our success and sustained growth"


  • Paper orders prone to mistakes
  • High volume of service requests
  • Multiple, fragmented systems
  • Manual input causing data lag and errors


  • Improved and smoother order process
  • CRM is integrated with and handles service requests
  • One-stop shop for all data across business units
  • API connects different systems instantly

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