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Greentree ERP tackles big projects

Greentree ERP helps construction and engineering company, CLL, streamline and consolidate its projects with revenue reporting, real-time tracking of assets, live view of every project, payroll compliance and electronic document management.

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CLL Service & Solutions is a large civil contracting company that undertakes major projects throughout New Zealand. They include roads, railway infrastructure, and residential and commercial buildings. Some of CLL’s projects will take years to complete and are worth millions of dollars.

The Problem

Analytics lacking in dated systems

CLL needed an integrated solution that could monitor projects in real time, as well as manage fixed assets and revenue recognition.

With the legacy payroll system, paying its large team of specialists, along with numerous sub-contractors, was a constant headache for CLL.

Then there was the costly matter of fixed assets: CLL maintains a large workshop to service its heavy equipment, and the use of that equipment needs to be billed to each project. But there was no proper visibility of the usage of each machine. accounting and approvals were handled by separate systems, and the processing of 30,000 invoices a year made for loads of manual labour.

All of this was costing CLL money.

"To be able to understand profit and loss for each job is crucial."
The Solution

Work in progress made visible

CFO Jeniya McCarthy went looking for an integrated business system that could provide that much-needed live view of jobs in progress and all the associated costs. Jeniya concluded that Greentree would be easier to adapt for present and future needs, but it was the Greentree Partner’s approach that sealed the deal.

A special screen was designed by the Greentree partner so that work in progress is detailed automatically for each job. Greentree’s Approvals & Alerts was also specially configured so that either account or job managers could make approvals.

Greentree eDocs enables line-level data extraction from complex invoices, so exact billing can be done for plant and materials on every job.

"The Greentree Partner’s experience with payroll was really important to me"
The Outcome

A better view for everyone

WebView enables project managers in the field to view their jobs, approve expenses and manage their costs remotely. Jeniya also believes that Greentree’s analytical capabilities are saving money.

“Now we can see what we’re really charging, which will flow back to our tender estimates.”

In the workshop, the use and performance of every fixed asset is now visible, so customers can be billed correctly for plant usage. Approvals & Alerts ensure that maintenance is always carried out.

Greentree has made Jeniya’s job much easier.

 “I now have proper visibility and reporting,” Jeniya concludes.

"Greentree’s reporting is brilliant."


  • Poor visibility of costs
  • No proper asset management
  • Revenue recognition lacking
  • Non-compliant payroll
  • Too much paperwork
  • Time wasted checking invoices


  • Live view of every project
  • Assets tracked in real time
  • Revenue reporting instantly available
  • Payroll fully compliant
  • Electronic document management
  • Proper approvals process

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