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The logical ERP system for Cardinal Logistics

Third party logistics (3PL) and warehousing expert, Cardinal Logistics, services large operators from the point of manufacture / import to delivery to the end user. With increasing scale, Cardinal’s customer service levels were being hindered by its outdated, separate systems which were heavy on duplication and manual input.  MYOB Greentree allows better financial and management reporting across sites and business divisions, with CRM fully integrated. Cardinal now has the efficiency, flexibility and insights for further growth.


Cardinal is one of New Zealand’s leading and fastest-growing logistics companies, specialising in providing distribution and storage solutions with a strong focus on grocery products and other FMCGs including Red Bull, Masterfoods and Mars.



Outdated systems slowing things down

Since its inception in 1992, Cardinal has grown rapidly to 400 staff.

Most of Cardinal’s customers are large operators who engage its 3PL offering, including integrated transport, warehousing, pick-pack, dispatch and inventory.

“We’d left our systems behind and they needed to catch up,” says Cardinal’s Commercial Manager, Janina Massee.

“Everything was done in spreadsheets, so customer liaising and invoicing were done by email and printed out and the same applied to claims. All the repetitive, manual work of handling customer claims via printed paperwork led to unnecessary duplication.

 “We also had no site reporting and financial management was far too centralised. I wanted our managers to have that decentralised control, so they could handle their own budgets and mentor their staff,” Janina says.

"Everything was just in files and nowhere we could start to understand the issues that we needed to sort out and manage."

Flexible, integrated functionality

“We went with Greentree for its excellent functionality, its flexibility and its ease of use,” says Janina. “We saw it could meet all our needs and grow with us – even if we quadruple in size, I’m confident that Greentree can handle it.”

Greentree’s ability to integrate with the specialist logistics systems was another deciding factor. Its elimination of so much manual data entry frees up staff to focus on better work that adds value to the business.

With Greentree Job Costing, the return generated by the trucks can now be assessed for profitability. 

"We went with Greentree for its excellent functionality, its flexibility and its ease of use."

Customers empowered

Customers are also empowered as Greentree’s eService module enables them to make their claims online that are then quickly forwarded to the relevant staff.

The live information supplied by Greentree IQ (Powered by QlikView) gives Cardinal an unprecedented view of performance across the business, resulting in better strategic decision-making.

“Greentree has now enabled a better collaboration across the company, so we’ve got happier staff because they know what’s going on and our customers are being responded to in a much shorter time frame,” Janina says.

“It’s very exciting and encouraging to have such quality information. It has the ability to grow our business and is a delightful system to use.”

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"I’ve used a lot of different software packages, but I’ve never seen anything better than Greentree."


  • Out-dated system
  • Too much manual data entry
  • Lack of site reporting
  • Management too centralized


  • Fully integrated supply chain and financial management
  • Manual data entry eliminated
  • Better reporting
  • Managers have more control
  • Better customer relations

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