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Streamlining tradie life with MYOB and Dale Vine

16 November 2023

Running a trade business often means juggling time on the tools and managing the paperwork side of operations. Here's how Dale Vine manages to keep everything in the air.

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Running a trade business often means juggling time on the tools and managing the paperwork side of operations. You’ve got to be not only the tradesperson, but an accountant as well.   

Dale Vine is a landscape gardener from Geelong on Victoria’s surf coast. Together with his wife, Sophie, the pair appeared on The Block before going on to run a very successful landscaping business of his own. An admitted novice at accounting, Dale had to sharpen not just his tools but his business management as well.

Let’s take a look at how MYOB has transformed the life of this tradie, enabling better time management, family engagement and financial efficiency.  

The Challenge: Time management and taxation woes 

Dale faced a common challenge - managing the daily grind of a trade business while trying to keep up with paperwork. Manual entry of transactions and receipts onto spreadsheets for tax purposes was a time-consuming task that left him perpetually behind on his admin and financial management. The result was unexpected and costly tax bills, late invoices and other risks posing a significant financial challenge.  

In critical need of better business management, Dale started looking for a solution to his tax and time management woes. MYOB Business, a recommendation from his accountant, turned out to be the best fit for Dale and his team. With its user-first design and its benefits for both the business owner and their accountant, it was an obvious choice.   

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Key features of MYOB that enhance simplicity 

The transition to MYOB Business Pro brought several key features into Dale’s business, simplifying their daily operations:  

  1. Time efficiency: The ability to send invoices to clients on the spot, right after completing a project, streamlined payment processes. With MYOB accessible from anywhere, invoicing became quicker and more efficient meaning no lacking submissions.  

  2. Expense management: Dale no longer needed to hold onto stacks of receipts in shoeboxes. MYOB's free Capture App takes photos of receipts and stores them digitally, reducing clutter and simplifying expense claims.  

  3. Real-time tracking: From anywhere he happened to be, Dale could now allocate transactions to appropriate categories effortlessly, making bookkeeping a breeze.  

Achieving work-life balance and financial peace of mind

MYOB's impact extended beyond the business realm. Dale’s improved time management meant he could devote more quality time to other aspects of his life, namely his family. With three young children tradie life is often demanding and time-intensive. Thanks to streamlined processes and efficient processes at work, Dale can now find greater balance with cherished family moments.  

By switching to MYOB Business, Dale no longer faced the stress of unexpected and expensive tax bills during tax time. Timely and accurate financial records meant he could plan and budget effectively, and invest his energy back into his business. The peace of mind that came with this financial control was invaluable.  

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MYOB Business proved to be a game-changer for Dale, offering a solution to his time management and taxation challenges. The seamless integration of MYOB into his daily routine not only simplified his business operations but also allowed for more family time and greater financial stability.   

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