PayGlobal The Loop - Spring 2018


Farewell John Rynearson and welcome Manny Kokkonis

The incumbent Support Manager, John Rynearson, has taken up a new challenge within MYOB. John has joined the PayGlobal Sales team as a Key Account Manager. After successful positions in support and development spanning seven years, we have no doubt his wealth of experience and knowledge will benefit our clients a great deal. The extroverted and charismatic Kiwi (née Texan) will be missed by his former team, who wish him every success. John says, “the Support Team means a great deal to me so I’m very pleased that Manny has taken up the team leader role – I know the team and our clients are in good hands!”

This has opened an opportunity for Manny Kokkonis to take a leadership role within the MYOB PayGlobal Support team. As a long-standing member of the support team, Manny has built some great relationships with our clients and looks forward to building on the support team's existing strengths. Manny says, “John leaves me with a very steady ship to sail. I’m looking forward to the obvious challenges of a new role and continuing the good work of our steadfast support team. We are constantly trying to improve and always welcome your feedback.”


PayGlobal Super OTE Adjustments

This article will assist in adjusting Super OTE errors in your STP submission. When the super OTE amount is a negative. The errors usually occur when you are adjusting payment for the previous financial year that do not have matching Super OTE amounts for the current year.

For example, reversing sick leave and paying as Workcover. Sick Leave is included in Super OTE but Workcover is not.

There are 2 steps with adjusting the Super OTE.

  • Setup a Super OTE Adjustment allowance
  • Process the adjustment in a manual pay

1. Setup Super OTE Adjustment allowance

You need to setup a non-paying allowance to reverse the negative amount in the YTD for Super OTE.

The allowance can be set up using the following screenshots as reference:

The following is required:

Paying = NO
Penalty = NO
Taxable = NO
Tax Override = NO


On the Details (iii) tab, you must have the following settings.

User in Super OTE = YES
Use in Super salary or wages = NO


2. Process the adjustment in a manual pay

Transaction process example below:

Insert the OTE Adjust allowance with the following details:

  • Quantity of 1.00
  • Rate amount being amount being adjusted
  • Recalculate set to YES.

The Gross, tax and nett will be zero as you are only adjusting Super OTE.


Tips & Tricks – Windows 10 update

If you log into the cloud to access PayGlobal and use a Windows 10 computer? Then you have probably experienced a very frustrating problem where the PayGlobal application is minimised when started. The problem is mostly apparent for users with multiple screens or users that login from multiple computers with the same account.

The support team have investigated the problem along with the development team. We have found you can bring the application back up onto the screen by pressing the Windows key and Up arrow simultaneously. However, the same problem occurs the next time you start the application.

Some good news, there appears to be a permanent fix for this problem in the latest Windows 10 updates. Please check with your IT team and run the latest Microsoft updates to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1803 build 17134.285 or later.


ATO Child Support Protected Earnings Amount for 2019

The ATO has released the Child Support Protected Earnings Amount for 2019.

The following rate applies from the 1st of January 2019:

Period Rate
Weekly $372.53
Fortnightly $745.06 (weekly rate x 2)
Four-week period $1,490.12 (weekly rate x 4)
Monthly $1,619.84 (daily rate x 30.4375)*

* For child support purposes, a year is 365.25 days (allowing for the leap year). The number of days in a month is 30.4375, which is equal to 365.25 divided by 12. Figures are rounded where applicable.

The daily rate (unrounded) is calculated by the weekly rate divided by 7 (that is, 372.53 / 7 = 53.218571).

To update the amount in PayGlobal, locate the relevant Child Support Deduction and update the “Protected earnings” field on the “Details (i)” tab with the amount that is relevant for your pay frequency. If you have multiple pay frequencies in your organisation, you will likely have multiple deductions to update.

PayGlobal Edit Deductions Screen