PayGlobal The Loop - Autumn 2019

Meet the team – Cara Drabble

Cara is originally from Christchurch and has been working in Australia for the last 5 years in various disciplines including working as a Pilot, Dolphin feeder and Photographer at an island resort and a Croupier in Perth. Having recently completed a year of overseas travel, she returns to PayGlobal in Christchurch after a 6-year hiatus from the Support team and brings her previous 6 years of experience with the PayGlobal product back to our team. On deciding to move ‘back home’ she is taking every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in the great Summer weather we’ve been having, recently going white water rafting!

Q. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?
A. Afternoon naps

Q. Who is your favourite cartoon character?
A. Stewie Griffin

Q. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
A. Therianthropy (Animal metamorphosis)

Q. What book are you reading?
A. Motherfoclóir, Dispatches from a not so dead language, Darach Ó Séaghdha.

Cara Drabble

Two-factor authentication coming soon for MYOB PayGlobal Online Users

MYOB PayGlobal will shortly include a more secure login process to ensure only authorised people have access to your data even if your password is compromised. This is called two-factor authentication or 2FA. The Australian Taxation Office has made 2FA a mandatory requirement for all business software to better protect business records and personal information.

2FA functionality will soon be available when logging into the MYOB PayGlobal Online environment. To help maintain your security, all online MYOB PayGlobal users will soon be required to use 2FA for every login (note this does not apply to standard employee users of Self Service or employees who only run SSRS reports).

We'll inform you once we have finalised our rollout plans and 2FA is made available in MYOB PayGlobal Online. For more information, please click here or please contact your Account Manager.


STP – common problems

For users who may be experiencing certain errors whilst using Single Touch Payroll, the support team have outlined solutions below.

Problem: STP Detailed Message: Response status code does not indicate success: 403
An event can be in pending state for up 20 72 hours, if it fails, you will need to send it again.

Problem: STP failed with error 500 internal server error.
Check all employee records have a Date of Birth in the Details > Dates tab and try submission again.

Problem: STP error Client certificate Not found.
Users who submit STP must have a special certificate installed on their computer. Please contact MYOB PayGlobal for the certificate and instructions for you IT team to install it.

Man on a laptop

Intermittent high (100%) CPU usage

All clients should now be using version or above.  Version resolved an issue where PayGlobal was intermittently hanging during pay processing which caused CPU usage to spike considerably often to 100%.

Please click Help menu and click on About to see what version you currently use.  If the version is or below, then we recommend you upgrade the application as soon as possible to resolve pay processing high CPU and subsequent lockout issues.

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