Get ready for STP Phase 2

Your step-by-step guide to making the change

MYOB has you covered for the ATO’s rollout of Single Touch Payroll Phase 2.
This will be available in your software from mid-April 2022.

We’ve received a deferral from the ATO until late August 2022 to give you time to get ready.
In the meantime, there are some things you can do to get started.

Why STP Phase 2 is being rolled out by the ATO


Minimise the workload when reporting to multiple Government agencies processes


Minimise manual processes and remove current issues for employers


Improve the view of payroll data to support the delivery of social welfare


Minimise the need for employment separation certificates


Minimise the need for separate Child Support reports

What’s changing for you

We’re rolling out a software release in mid-April to help ensure your current MYOB payroll software is STP2 compliant. We’ll email you to confirm when the latest version of your software is available.

There are some important steps you will also need to undertake to be STP Phase 2 compliant. This includes:

  1. Update your configuration as per the customer guide
  2. Complete the STP Phase 2 readiness checklist after your upgrade to review the changes
  3. Report each pay run to the ATO (same as you normally would)

Learn more about how to get STP Phase 2 ready:

What isn’t changing

Despite additional information being required in your STP Phase 2 report, there are many things that stay the same, such as:

  • The way you lodge your STP report
  • STP reports are still due on or before pay day unless you are eligible for a reporting concession
  • The types of payments that are in-scope for STP reporting
  • Taxation and superannuation obligations
  • End of year finalisation requirements.