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How RML advanced their manufacturing business

RML CEO Daryl Joyce

Streamlined operations

RML CEO Daryl Joyce and the team at RML run their business with one cloud-based system. They can manage their entire manufacturing process from equipment design through to procurement and production.

“MYOB Advanced has increased our
production efficiency.”

RML CEO and an employee

Optimised inventory tracking

Daryl and his team can track each part, through every stage of production so they are confident that they have the components they need, when they need them.

“We know exactly where parts are, what
production stage our equipment is in and
when it will be available to our customers.”

Industrial pipes

Insight-driven decision making

Daryl has the real-time accurate data he needs to make critical business decisions and future proof the business.

“MYOB Advanced has increased
our bottom line.”

RML employee

Financial reporting for manufacturing

It’s critical for a CEO in manufacturing to have real-time reporting. Instead of spending days on reports that focus on the past, Daryl has accurate data so he can focus on projecting for the future.

“With MYOB Advanced we have similar
reporting capability to a Fortune 500 company.”

Key Performance Indicators for Manufacturing Guide

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