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How Kurrajong Kitchen advanced their manufacturing business

Kurrajong Kitchen CEO Karen Lebsanft

Streamlined operations

Kurrajong Kitchen CEO Karen Lebsanft now has an overarching view of her business. With access to real-time data, she can spot issues immediately.

“MYOB Advanced allows us
to look at data in real-time.”

Kurrajong Kitchen worker

Improved cost tracking

Karen and her team can effectively track their production costs using one integrated system instead of separate spreadsheets. Now everyone is confident the numbers are accurate.

“MYOB Advanced gives us correct and
accurate data we can rely on.”

Kurrajong Kitchen products

Optimised inventory control

Every ingredient in every batch of lavosh Kurrajong Kitchen manufactures can be traced. Now potential issues, such as spotting shortages in inventory can be identified early so productivity isn’t disrupted.

“MYOB Advanced improved the
productivity within the business.”

Kurrajong Kitchen worker

Insight driven decision making

With real-time visibility across her business, Karen can now strategically plan for the future. Accurate data gives her the confidence to make informed decisions to ensure continual growth for Kurrajong Kitchen.

“MYOB Advanced delivers the right
information I require to grow this business.”

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