See the future differently

The only way to propel growth is to create meaningful connections between your systems, information and people.

If complexity is taking over your business, it’s time to connect

As a business grows, so does complexity. The need to adapt rapidly often leads to new tools being ‘patched-on’ to solve specific business
challenges. Inevitably, these tools don’t talk to each other, so errors are made, work is duplicated, staff time is wasted and profits are lost.

Making sure the right people get the right information at the right time is the key to ongoing growth and success, no matter what type
of business you’re in – manufacturing, retail, even a vineyard.

Connected Business

Why become a Connected Business

Pain points of a
disconnected business

  • Current system is cracking under the strain of trying to keep up with growth.
  • A lack of in-depth accurate reporting is making tricky financial questions difficult to answer.
  • Teams are still doing several processes manually, increasing the risk of errors.
  • A lack of real-time stock information is frustrating sales teams on-the-road trying to give customers the information they need.

The benefits of a Connected Business


Real-time Insights

  • Because information is entered in real-time and stored
    in one place, finance teams can find the answers to tricky
    questions, quickly and accurately.
  • Analysis is easy and reports can be customised with
    drill-down functionality for stakeholders.

Empowered Workforce

  • The whole team can now see the same business
    information, at any time, from anywhere.
  • Everyone’s on the same page so decisions can be made
    quickly and confidently, from accounting and management
    to manufacturing, logistics and the sales team.

Complete Control

  • All areas are connected via one system to deliver full
    financial management and advanced reporting, inventory
    control, a quote-to-cash process, a procure-to-pay process
    and integrated CRM and eCommerce.

Experiences that matter

  • A more intuitive, automated and centralised system
    delivers substantial time savings.
  • Major customers can pay hundreds of invoices at a time,
    eliminating manual processes that used to take a day’s
    work. Better for your customers and your team.