An EOFY holiday for your business

No loan repayments until 1 July 20191

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 Thinking of investing in new equipment or tools? There’s no better time.

Here’s two big reasons to invest in your business today. 

Firstly, take advantage of a loan repayment holiday and you will pay nothing for up to two months.

And second, thanks to the Australian Government’s Instant Asset Write-Off, eligible small businesses are able to immediately claim tax deductions on most equipment or other depreciating business assets bought before the EOFY up to the threshold value2.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, apply for a business loan with MYOB Loans powered by OnDeck.

Business purchases eligible for the Instant Asset Write Off

Learn more about the purchases that qualify for the instant asset write off and to see if your business is eligible here.

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Hardware, computers,
laptops, display screen

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Furniture, printers,
photocopiers, equipment,
signage, shop fittings

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Mechanical & electrical
Plant equipment, machinery,
air-conditioning, vehicles, kitchen equipment, tools

Flexible term loans

$10,000 to $250,000 6 to 24 month terms

Benefits of MYOB Loans powered by OnDeck

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Apply in 10 minutes
online or over the phone

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Know within hours if you
are approved and funds
in as fast a 1 business day

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Australian based small
business loan specialists

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9 out of 10 customers
who took an MYOB loan
recalled a great service3

  • OnDeck are Australian-based loan specialists
  • $10+ billion in funding delivered to businesses globally^
  • OnDeck has helped over a thousand businesses just like yours

Arzal chose fast and flexible over jumping through hoops to get the finance he needed to grow his early learning business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is OnDeck? Toggle Section

OnDeck has partnered with MYOB to help MYOB customers access financing solutions for their businesses.  OnDeck is a direct lender of business loans (also called “working capital” loans) to the small business market. OnDeck is not a “peer to peer” lender or crowd funder and does not lend to consumers.

2. What’s MYOB’s relationship with OnDeck? Toggle Section

OnDeck Capital Australia Pty Ltd (“OnDeck Australia”) is a subsidiary of US-based On Deck Capital, Inc. MYOB holds a 30% stake in OnDeck Australia and earns a commission on loans referred to OnDeck Australia.

3. How much can I get? Toggle Section

OnDeck provides business loans from $10,000 - $250,000 over 6-24 months.

4. What type of loans are on offer? Toggle Section

Unsecured business loans designed for inventory, marketing, equipment, cash flow, or any other opportunity for your business to generate a positive return. OnDeck doesn’t take security over your assets, however they do require a personal guarantee.

5. What are the rates and fees? Toggle Section

Rates: OnDeck offers a range of interest rates, which are determined based on your business credit score. The interest rate for your loan could be commensurate with bank lending, or as high as a business credit card, depending on your credit rating.

Fees: OnDeck charges a standard 2.5% origination fee for its lending. There is no application fee.

6. How did my business get pre-qualified? Toggle Section

If you’ve been pre-qualified by MYOB, it was based on criteria that OnDeck has provided. MYOB has not shared any of your personal or business information with OnDeck.

7. What documents are required to apply? Toggle Section

It’s a simple 10 minute application. All you need are 3 months of business bank statements. Or call us and we’ll help you over the phone on 1800 817 596.

8. How will approval decisions be made? Toggle Section

Approval will be based on the health of your business cash-flow, as well as your business credit score 

9. What loan terms are available? Toggle Section

OnDeck offers loan terms of between six months and two years, depending on your business needs and qualifications.

10. How do I repay my loan? Toggle Section

Loans are repaid automatically through a fixed weekly or daily debit to your business account. 

11. How soon can I get my loan? Toggle Section

Once approved, you could receive funding as soon as the next business day. 

12. Have you shared my information with OnDeck? Toggle Section

MYOB has not shared any of your personal or business information with OnDeck. OnDeck has provided MYOB with its lending criteria to enable MYOB to internally determine your loan pre-qualification.

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1 This offer to defer commencement of loan payments is only available to MYOB customers taking their first OnDeck unsecured Term Loan with the loan agreement commencing between 29 April 2019 and 30 June 2019. Term loan applications are subject to strict eligibility criteria. For full business loan terms and conditions see This offer does not apply to existing OnDeck customers, or to OnDeck’s Secured Equipment Finance product. Terms of the offer are: loan repayments begin the week commencing Monday 1st July 2019; and if you choose to accept the offer, the total loan term will be extended by the period of time equal to your loan payment deferral. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

2 Please seek advice from your tax accountant regarding your eligibility for the Australian Government’s accelerated depreciation of assets for small business entities, and how this will impact your business. Assets must be bought, used and installed ready for use to be eligible. For further information on the Australian Government’s Instant Asset Write-off Scheme, including up to date information on eligibility and the write-off threshold, see the ATO website at:

3 Source NPS responses for MYOB Loans customers March 2019.

*Pre-qualification does not constitute an offer capable of acceptance and is based on your business profile which may include information such as industry, time in business and annual revenue. OnDeck carries out further analysis on the health of your business to determine if you are eligible for a loan and if applicable, to determine the final loan amount.

Loans are issued by On Deck Capital Australia Pty Limited ABN 28 603 753 215 (OnDeck). Loans subject to lender approval. MYOB holds a 30% stake in OnDeck and has a referral agreement under which it earns a commission on loans referred to OnDeck. For the latest version of the MYOB privacy policy and for details on how to opt out of receiving promotional materials from MYOB, please visit