Don’t be fazed by STP Phase 2

Your step-by-step guide to get ready

Getting ready for Phase 2

What you can do today

step 1

Register for our training and resources to get the how, what and why answered.

step 2

Update employment basis

step 3

Update income type and country of origin
(or home country in Essentials)

step 4

Update ATO reporting categories – these have been expanded as part of STP Phase 2 into more specific categories which you can begin assigning to pay items. Note: MYOB cannot help with assigning ATO categories – we recommend you work with your advisor, bookkeeper or even the ATO if you are unable to complete these yourself.

step 5

Complete the in-product readiness check. We’ll guide you through anything left to update.

step 6

Begin STP Phase 2 Reporting

When should I transition?

Start planning when and how your business will transition now. We’ve obtained a deferral from the ATO, so you have until 1 January 2023 to start reporting via STP Phase 2. This means you can get ready at a time that suits you in 2022.

Need STP Phase 2 help?

Find a certified MYOB Partner to help you get STP Phase 2 compliant