Add-On Partner Choice 2018



This award shines the spotlight on the add-on most loved by partners.


The add-on must be listed on It must be nominated by a partner and cannot be self-nominated.


Please provide the following info:

1. Tell us the name of the add-on you love using in your business or with your clients.

2. How is the add-on used in your business or your client’s business?

3. How long have you used the add-on?
Less than 6 months / 6-12 months / 12-24 months / longer than 24 months

4. How many of your clients use this add-on?
Only my business / 1-5 clients / 5-15 clients / 15-30 clients / more than 30 clients / Every single client uses this add-on

5. What do you or your clients love the most about this add-on? How has it improved the way you or your clients do business?


Please note: The add-on must be listed on