Partner Connect - success is personal

We know that business isn’t just business, it’s personal



At Partner Connect 2017 we’re zooming in on your success. We’re going to reveal opportunities for you from four distinct angles, then share the tools, solutions and processes you need to maximize these opportunities



Partner Connect is always about diving into product. Hear firsthand from MYOB Product Managers about upcoming innovations and enhancements. It’s your chance to get to the heart of changes in the ever-evolving world of business and technology.



Just as importantly, Partner Connect is an event to inspire you. That’s guaranteed with the return of our amazing MC Michael Crossland*, as well as a “lifechanging 90 minutes” with keynote speaker Amanda Gore, founder and CEO of ‘The Joy Project’ and voted one of the USA’s top three speakers.

*at Alice Springs event only

What’s more, we’ll be showing you how to make the most of MySuccess, our exciting new partner program.

Book your spot now, and let’s connect for your success.

"It was a brilliant conference… MYOB put together a really worthwhile agenda."

Debbie Demooy, Rad Bookkeeping