Upload your offline client files and load up on benefits

Enjoy a $50 MYOB merchandise voucher and a chance to win a $1,000 Visa gift card

How uploading offline client files benefits you

Transaction processing in MYOB Practice is where you can maintain visibility across all your clients in a safe and secure online environment. It’s also where you’ll find an online and offline button so you can easily upload client files from the cloud or your desktop to the dashboard. If you haven't been uploading your offline client files to MYOB Practice, you've been missing out on the following benefits.

A powerful, single view of all clients

Greater efficiencies and improved workflows

Quickly identify missing bank feeds or uncoded transactions

Opportunities to automate your coding

Receive $50 worth of company merchandise

Huge discounts on upgrading MYOB AccountRight files

How to upload your client files

Option 1

Register your details in the form below to set up a time with your sales specialist who can help you upload your offline client files.

Option 2

You can perform this function yourself within MYOB Practice, simply click here to get started.

Option 3

Log-in to MySuccess to find your sales specialist and connect with them directly. Log in to MySuccess here.

Ready to upload on bonus benefits?

If you’re still thinking there aren’t enough benefits to uploading your offline client files, get a load of this:

$1000 Visa gift card

Every offline client file you upload between 1 August
2020 to 30 September 2020
gets you a single entry
into the draw to win one of three $1,000 Visa gift cards.

MYOB branded merchandise

The first 100 Partners that upload three or more offline client
files receives a $50 voucher for a range of MYOB
branded merchandise. 

Get started now

If you need help uploading your offline client files to the dashboard or would like to learn more, please fill out your details below. Alternatively, you can reach out to your sales specialist direct or click on MySuccess to find their details.

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If you’re keen to upload client files yourself, simply click here to get started.

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How do I upload client files? Toggle Section

Your offline client files are loaded through your transaction processing dashboard on MYOB Practice. After the file has been added to the Dashboard, click Upgrade file. If you don’t have the file, you have the option to send a request to the client for a copy of the file.Your sales specialist can guide you through choosing a subscription level that best suits you and provide a recommendation. Files will then be uploaded from your computer automatically.

What if I don’t have any offline client files? Toggle Section

That’s good news! It means you’re already enjoying the benefits of working completely online.

This offer is only available for Partners that have at least one offline file.

If you’re unsure about your situation, please fill out the enquiry form and your sales specialist will get in touch with you.

What if I want to utilise a current promotion? Can I do this through the Dashboard? Toggle Section

No, in this instance you’ll need to speak to your sales specialist directly.

Isn’t this tool a privacy breach? Toggle Section

No, because it only searches for MYOB specific file types. We can also obtain permission from Partners before doing this verbally to ensure there are no issues.

Beside the outlined benefits, merchandise voucher and going into the draw, what is the value of uploading offline client files when they don’t require online capability? Toggle Section

Doing so will provide you with key insights that will help you plan and prioritise your BAS preparation work at scale and give you a more clear and defined pathway to upgrading any remaining desktop files. This also ensures we don’t miss out on any missed desktop opportunities if Partners forget about smaller clients.

I don’t use MYOB Practice because I use practice software to flow through the data. So what value does this give me? Toggle Section

As part of the Partner Program, you can add this extra tool to your tool belt and expand your abilities. Once you do, you’ll have the added flexibility to migrate your offline files in your own time using self-service.

For terms and conditions click here.