Becoming a partner is more rewarding than ever

Partner up and level up with these benefits:


Business growth

Automate manual processes and access software that lets you spend more time working on your business.


Increase revenue

The support to attract and take on more clients. The training to take on more financially rewarding work.


Enjoy better relationships

Collaborate more closely with your clients. Get better insights into their business and help them make better business decisions.


Make time for the things you love

Clock going too fast? We’ll help you find the time you need for the things and people that matter to you.

You will only be 5 points away from Silver Status!

The higher your status, the better the discounts and benefits. Increase your points by referring your clients or
simply load 4 files. You’ll see more rewards start flowing in.

Partner Program levels

For even more rewards points, simply introduce a fellow Accountant or Bookkeeper to the MYOB Partner Program. You’ll be doing them a big favour, plus you’ll get to enjoy more rewards, too.
It’s a win-win!