Help your clients get good busy with MYOB Business

One flexible online platform

MYOB Business is a new product model and pricing structure for our world-class software solution, and it’s perfect for most small to medium businesses.

It brings our existing products into a single platform, making it easier for customers to start and scale with MYOB technology.

It’s designed to be flexible and customisable – all thanks to a powerful range of integrated capabilities, as well as a suite of add-on features, integrated financial services and industry-specific editions.

From accounting and finance to inventory, suppliers, employees and workflows, MYOB Business empowers owners with a holistic view of their operations – unmatched by anything else in market.

One single platform. One product. One flexible solution.


How to Refer

Step 1: Open your MYOB Practice Dashboard and select the Transaction processing page.

Step 2: Click on the Create file button.

Step 3: Complete your new client information, nominate who pays the subscription fee – your client or your practice – and select the product you would like to purchase for your client.

MYOB Practice Dashboard

Find your Sales Specialist

If you’d like to get in touch with your Sales Specialist, visit the MYOB Practice, click on Your Profile and then launch MySuccess to see their contact details. If you need any help, please contact Partner Support.


Refer and Win

Help take your clients business to the next level when you refer MYOB Business – $3,000 to be won each month.

Terms and conditions apply


Move your clients to MYOB from Xero, QuickBooks, or Reckon

Moving a client’s data to MYOB Business is quick, easy, and subsidised by MYOB to make your decision even easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MYOB Business? Toggle Section

MYOB Business is the coming together of our small to medium business product suite. It is one product, on one platform with various subscriptions and pricing plans designed to make it affordable for clients to get started, choose the features they need, only pay for what they use and access other integrated services as they scale.

Why is MYOB introducing MYOB Business? Toggle Section

We have been on a journey to re-platform our small to medium business product suite for some time, to simplify our product offering and accelerate our delivery. We started by moving MYOB Essentials onto the same platform as MYOB AccountRight, ensuring the data structure was the same and then introduced the MYOB AccountRight browser. This next step, combines our product line into one platform that enables us to provide clients with more flexibility through a single solution that offers true value for price, is easy to understand and can be customised to the business’s needs.

Will the client be able to upgrade or downgrade the core subscription themselves? Toggle Section

It depends on who owns the billing relationship. For Practice Pays, then only the Practice can upgrade/downgrade the product and for Client Pays, only the client can complete the upgrade/downgrade. Users will be able to downgrade to any subscription in the range as well as move up or down between MYOB Business Payroll, Lite, Pro or MYOB Business AccountRight Plus and Premier.

Will the client able to incur variable payroll charges under a Practice Pays payment option? Toggle Section

If a practice is paying for the file and they invite the client as either an owner, payroll officer or bookkeeper/accounting role, then yes they can accrue payroll charges. If a practice invites the client as read-only or through a different user role, they won’t be able to accrue those charges.

How is the payroll add-on charged, are there any minimum locked in periods? Toggle Section

Payroll charges are calculated automatically based on what has been used in the file on any given month. Upgrades take effect instantly, but downgrades take effect at the start of the next billing cycle. There is no limit on how often you can do it.

What does this mean for the MYOB AccountRight desktop application? Toggle Section

The desktop application will remain the same, we are simply continuing to bring more of its powerful capabilities to the web to provide a more valuable and seamless experience for users.

When will current clients change to MYOB Business? Toggle Section

We’ll be moving our existing MYOB Essentials customers to the new naming and pricing structure of MYOB Business, in stages:

Phase 1: MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger files
MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger files will be moved first, starting from May 2022. This is simply a name change, and the price will remain the same. This will include MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger + Payroll.

Phase 2: All other MYOB Essentials files
From September, we’ll begin moving all other MYOB Essentials products to the naming and pricing structure of MYOB Business as below:

Existing New
Subscription Number of employees Subscription
(p/m incl GST)
Base fee
(p/m incl GST)
Variable Payroll usage fees
(p/m incl GST)
MYOB Essentials Starter < 2 employees MYOB Business Lite $28 Payroll $1.50 per employee
(maximum 2 employees)
MYOB Essentials Starter > 2 employees MYOB Business Pro $53 Payroll $1.50 per employee
MYOB Essentials Accounting > 2 employees MYOB Business Pro $53 Payroll $1.50 per employee
MYOB Essentials Accounting + Payroll > 2 employees MYOB Business Pro $53 Payroll $1.50 per employee

Will existing clients need to be migrated to MYOB Business? Toggle Section

No, the underlying platform changes required have already been enabled through the MYOB Essentials upgrades allowing us to move files in the backend. While business data files will not undergo a migration, clients will experience new product naming, pricing and/or limits when the change occurs, based on their subscription. Other than this, there will be no other changes to the client facing software or disruption to services during this change.

The good news is that most existing MYOB Essentials customers will benefit from more flexible MYOB Business pricing, either by directly saving on their base subscription cost or breaking even while getting access to more functionality.

Will prospect clients with existing quotes be able to continue to purchase those solutions? Toggle Section

Yes. Quotes will be honoured for 30 days. Alternatively, the client can decide to start over on a new MYOB Business subscription.

Will clients have access to the payroll module when on a trial? Toggle Section

Yes. The first 30 days (the trial) will be free for all value-based add-ons including payroll.

I’d love to learn more, how can I get in touch with my MYOB Account Manager? Toggle Section

MYOB Account Managers were replaced with MYOB Sales Specialists earlier this year. Please visit and click on your profile to log in to MySuccess where you can see the details for your Sales Specialist. If you have any issues please contact Partner support on 1300 555 117.