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INCITE 2019 Online

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Connect with a vision

Blake Collins – MYOB Head of Partner Sales

Blake Collins opens MYOB Incite and uncovers the massive investments that have made MYOB the number one provider of online accounting software in Australia and New Zealand.

Connecting your workflows - Transaction Processing

Lisa Baldacchino and Simon Dennis

Automating and streamlining your workflows is at the heart of what we do. We’ll deep dive into each of these current workflows to show you the massive advancements we’re making in each and how they’re rapidly coming together to provide you and your clients with one seamless experience.

Connecting your workflows - Compliance

Amy Johnson and Tobi Haskett

Connecting your workflows - Advisory

Chris McCormack

Connect with your clients – SME solutions and Payments

The solutions your clients use are critical in supporting the work you do for them. We’ll help you get the right solutions in the hands of the right clients, and ensure your clients enjoy the benefits of a common ledger and a seamless flow of real time data.

Connect for success

Tim Reed – MYOB CEO

This is a rare opportunity to hear first-hand some of the biggest lessons Tim Reed has learned in his ten years leading MYOB through a period of massive change. If you are leading a team or belong to a business that is either experiencing, or considering implementing change, you will not want to miss this opportunity for advice from an experienced and accomplished CEO. 

Wrap Up

Blake Collins – MYOB Head of Partner Sales