Seven steps to building social media success.

Social media success is about understanding your target audience and how they interact with different platforms.

Jacob Fahmy, director of Advisory Corp Accountants and Advisors, has built a thriving practice using social media. For starters, he recommends choosing between one and three platforms and focusing on those.

“My target audience is the 25– to 45-year-olds who are starting out,” says Fahmy. “I’ve got a lot of tech savvy millennials and creatives, and young, qualified tradies who are starting their own businesses. Tradies aren’t generally on the socials, but their partners are so that’s how I get them as clients.

“Bigger businesses in the $20 million-plus space mainly use LinkedIn. But smaller businesses like mine also use Instagram and Facebook because our audience is checking those daily.”

Seven keys to social media success

Here are Fahmy’s tips on how accountancy firms can get their social media strategy right:

1. Pick the right content for each platform

“There’s no point putting a big story on Facebook – it’s better for referrals and shorter comments. But LinkedIn is great for thought-leadership pieces. Instagram is good for sharing video reels via your story.”

2. Know what you’re trying to achieve

“Your content reflects your brand and business. Before posting, think about your audience and what the post is supposed to do. Is it to entertain? To drive traffic to your site? To educate?”

3. Show empathy

“The numbers can get scary as they can make or break you. How do your clients see their taxes and finances? Do they need to be comforted? Keep content and branding simple, open and transparent to suit what clients need.”

4. Include a call to action

“Social media isn’t just post and forget – it’s a journey. You’re bringing someone who doesn’t know you to becoming a loyal customer. There are different types of content for each step of the journey. Giving them small pieces they can action can help them on the way.”

5. Develop trust

“People don’t trust a faceless brand. Having photos humanises your business and creates more engagement. Being consistent on social media and showing that you understand where your clients are in their business and life journeys also makes a difference.”

6. Be yourself

“People want a level of stability and reliability but you don’t want to be a dry, boring suit. Accountants can show they are unique. Be confident in your skin. Give a sprinkle of humour with some professionalism layered there. It gives you an edge and lets people warm to you and enjoy dealing with you.”

7. Take it offline

“When someone posts content that’s technically astute, it shows they know what they’re doing. It might lead us to meet offline and we could start to build referral relationships within our communities. I’m part of a few networks that were built on social media and we now meet once per month at live events. It’s really powerful.”

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