Checklist: How to create a digital marketing strategy

Accounting is traditionally a ‘word of mouth’ industry, but the pandemic has limited the opportunities to attend networking events to grow your business. The good news is a solid digital content marketing strategy can help accounting firms thrive.

Here is our seven-point checklist that will help your business be ‘seen’ by those who count:

1. Google your business

“Do your competitors have more stars than you?” asks DavidKatic,CEOand founder of Digital Growth Genius. “You need a Google My Business account to get clients to give you reviews, but you can get a good automated process that makes it easy. After a while you’ll have 150 reviews of 4-5 stars and that’s where the magic happens.”

2. Do keyword research

Adopting good search engine optimisation (SEO) practices helps put your business at the top of web searches. SEO works by anticipating variations of keywords a potential customer might use. Google has a free keyword planner that suggests keywords and topics relevant to your industry based on your initial ideas. You might also consider using paid keyword tools (such as SEMrush) with a larger database of terms than Google.

3. Be where your clients are

Choose between one to three social media platforms that your audiences use. Most accountancy firms are likely to concentrate on just two – Facebook (for more general audiences) and LinkedIn (for fellow professionals). Posts need to include a ‘call to action’, such as encouraging clients to prepare their tax documents in a timely manner.

4. Keep your messaging personable, not technical

Consider the best ways to give people the kinds of information they need that will help build trust in your business. “If there’s not enough information and no photos of you and your team, prospective clients will look elsewhere,” says Nicole Smith, CEO and founder of Check out your competitors’ socials to see how they’re engaging with audiences. Is there something you like, or something that isn’t working?

5. Encourage clients to tag you on social media

By tagging you, they can explain to their friends about the experience they have had with you. This could be a chance to follow up and create a new relationship.

6. Ensure your website and links are functioning properly

People interact with their socials and the internet at odd times, which is where Pay Per Click advertising and SEO become valuable. “If a client can make an appointment or purchase a service at their convenience, their job is done and you’ve gained a new client,” says Smith.

7. Don’t forget email

Use email marketing to keep your existing clients across all of your services. Case studies help them feel they can contact you about other things or refer their friends.

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  • Richard Conway – CEO, PureSEO
  • Indianna Roehrich – Director, Simply Social
  • Jane Betschel – Head of Marketing, MYOB
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